Vacation Time!!

Good morning beautiful people!

Wow that was a little too excited, well I leave for NY today.. if the boyfriend would ever hurry up. Usually we are on the road by 5am, but since his new schedule we have to leave later this year. Knowing him we’ll be on the road at 11 (I’m internally freaking out, we need to be on the road NOW).

I have found out, that you can schedule post, yes schedule. Why I wasn’t aware of this until last night Idk but its fucking awesome.

Since I will be on the road must/all fucking day I wont be able to post from my computer, and I honestly hate using my phone.

BUT I did scheduled some  post for throughout the day:)

I really hope it works lol.

I will obviously be around, to see things but I didn’t want to take any chances.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Update: it is 10:51 and are just now getting on the road 😐


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