The last few months

Holy shit so much has happened in the last few months or so I feel like it. It’s been one crazy ass rollercoaster that’s about to fall off the tracks.

I had my third kiddo 6 months ago.. damn he’s already 6 months old. Yes that means my other two are already 5 and almost 3 😮

My daughter (the firstborn) started preK. My son was more upset than she was, but she’s thriving and loving it.

The husband and I celebrated 16 years together in October ( only 3 years married though).

My mother passed away in November (I’m going to write a whole post about that) and that has been difficult to deal with.

I went a took a class to become a Mortgage Loan Originator- the state test is coming up, fingers crossed 🤞

I celebrated 1 year in therapy recently too and I think I graduated since my current therapist wants me to go see someone else and get medicated 🤣

On the matter of medication my anxiety and depression went on a stroll and met up with post partum depression…what bitches.




4 responses to “The last few months

  1. You have come along way… sorry to hear about your mom…. deep hugs for that my friend… Very happy for you in regards to your wonderful kids with the newest addition. Now you officially can form a gang and run the town! Lol.. You make a beautiful mother btw…. I always have loved your writing and the take no prisoners approach in the way you write feelings out… its beautifully raw and a joy to read…

      • YOU CAN DO IT!… even its only 15 to 30 mins out of the week…. then that’s something…. it’s good to get it out…. I have been in rut myself in writing and life in general I am digging out of . It’s not easy … I know that.

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