I’ve been gone for a while it seems, oops. 

I was and still am dealing with a crazy, cranky teething baby- come on teeth pop out already. She has been teething for the last three months! Can you say drooly McDrool. Well the last couple of says have shown some promise and I’m prettt sure her first tooth will come out this weekend.

She has also turned 6 months old today. HOLY SHIT. why does it go so first. Alex joked she’ll be off to college in no time. Whyyy is he so mean lol. The good thing,we can finally begin BLW (baby led weaning) which is essentially giving baby the foods you eat no purees. 

So for the last week or so I’ve been emerged in research and recipe collecting. We kinda started last night with some strawberries, a banana, cantaloupe and a piece of french toast. She loved it all and ate everything we gave her.

Another thing i was busy with during my absence was looking for a new car. We had a 300 (lease) but with no space and going over miles we needed a new vehicle.  One that would be good family wise and one that can be a good vacation car to get us to NY in Aug. 

Drum roll….

I talked the boyfriend into getting a minivan! We got the new Pacifica and its absolutely awesome. I can’t wait to go traveling with that badboy. 

I’ll try not to disappear again.

Hope all is well with everyone and I will try to catch up with posts. 



Hey Schedule, What You Doing?

First off, a big hello and thank you to all my recent followers-seriously people? I mean, don’t go anywhere, but seriously?

Anyways, the semester is back upon me(shudder just to think about the coming weeks) and my posting my not be as much. Daily, yes but at certain times; as has been in the last week. Who knew scheduling your posts would be soooooo helpful; albeit a little troublesome( I keep forgetting what I post)

I’ll probably be posting 5-7 times instead of the 8 or whatever-lmao, now that I think about it that’s not much of a difference. I guess more of a heads up if my writing is shit or I’m not posting as frequently.

I want nothing more than to sit home and write- well technically I’ll still be home(yay for online classes) but I have to pass this semester in order to “graduate” in April. This blog isn’t a distraction, rather I am a distraction, always looking for anything else to get my mind off of doing what I should be doing.

I say all this now, present Jas, she’s pretty cool always down to get shit done but future Jas is a fucking bitch. She’s the leader of procrastination and mopping around. She knows how not to get things done and is pretty fucking great at it.

So well shall see how things turn out.

Wish me luck!


Happy New Year!!

Don’t worry this wont be a long post on the reflection of my year because it can be summed  up in 4 words:

Fucking sucked massive balls.

That’s  actually a pretty great description and my go to phrase, fyi.

Lets see this year :
– I didnt graduate college
– Didnt get a job/internship
– started chatting to other guys online (again)in full force
– almost  lost my relationship (a few times)
-failed a couple of classes
-hated myself
-hated myself some more
-stayed home 98% of the time

Much wow.

There’s probably more boring shit I’m forgetting but oh well.

I did, of course classic Jas, come back to the blog world at the end of the year. I didn’t  exactly know what I would be doing at the time but I knew I needed to come back. I tried a couple of different things before one day deciding to try writing some poetry. I’ve been known to wake up one day and decide to do something and do it. ( I did wake up ,said “fuck soda” and haven’t touched it since, plus I was able to give up mostly all other sugary things)

Well my little experiment turned out better than expected, she said with a maniacal laugh.

I’ve  meet some pretty fucking awesome people- those I’ve  chatted with and those I follow, yous are both equally amazing.

Apparently people like my stuff  ( still can’t  fucking believe it) so thank you my deranged individuals 😛

Idk what this new year will hold for me, but I wish the very best for everyone else.

“Lets sin and laugh,

cry and shout,

love and loss,

and  most importantly

make the world

our  bitch.”


Hope everyone’s new year is (even) better than the last.

 I found this too funny( I know I can be a loser) and decided to end my post with it lmao. Enjoy!


Home, Where Are You?

I can’t wait to go home.

I know how horrible it sounds  but I can’t  fucking think straight. Theres barely anytime to write. Before you say make time to write  or let the inspiration just come to you-no shit dick.

In the basement, there is no service and what little service won’t work with my computer. And I hate posting from my phone. So I have been scheduling my posts- which is driving me fucking crazy,  for some reason. I find little,tiny moments of peace and clarity, creating as many posts as possible. (I cant miss a day)

I need quiet. I need to write; even with all these mixed emotions and pointless words.  I need to be able to smoke,fuck,and chill where I want.I’ve  been zoning out, giving attitude and extremly withdrawn. And I dont want to be that person, but I cant help it. I’m an introvert that gets fucking overloaded-especially in this house hold and need to crawl into the closet to chill.

I leave Friday morning,counting down the days. I’m  going to say this for the 100th thousandth  time though and say imma be depressed as shit when I get back. What can I say I love begging for this shit.

We are going  out tonight, which is cool- I can finally see Star Wars. But, even when out I continue to see words…really should start carrying around a little book.

Ah one of the many problems of my life. 😝


Vacation Time!!

Good morning beautiful people!

Wow that was a little too excited, well I leave for NY today.. if the boyfriend would ever hurry up. Usually we are on the road by 5am, but since his new schedule we have to leave later this year. Knowing him we’ll be on the road at 11 (I’m internally freaking out, we need to be on the road NOW).

I have found out, that you can schedule post, yes schedule. Why I wasn’t aware of this until last night Idk but its fucking awesome.

Since I will be on the road must/all fucking day I wont be able to post from my computer, and I honestly hate using my phone.

BUT I did scheduled some  post for throughout the day:)

I really hope it works lol.

I will obviously be around, to see things but I didn’t want to take any chances.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Update: it is 10:51 and are just now getting on the road 😐

Internship,Why You So Complicated?

I’m a Journalism major and part of the requirement to graduate is you need to have an internship.

I’ve been a senior for the last 2 fucking years.

No job, ever- so no work experience.

I do have like 170 credits , so that counts for something right!?

The problem is this: I have no car and have to rely on the boyfriend to drive me( Fuck you michigan for your lack of transportation), meaning I have to stay in a decently close proximity to home or school.

We are poor. So I need an internship that pays.

Do you know how many there are in my area.

approximately 10. I know its an exaggeration,but when it NEEDS to pertain to fucking journalism, guess what- we dont get paid!

I did get a call back for two different places, but both are a little further than we both like and unpaid.

I leave for NY tomorrow until after the New Year, our phones are shut off (thanks lex for not paying) and im fucking stressed.

I’m really considering doing some bad shit for money but then that wont help my internship problem.

People( the families)keep telling me to find one online, okay old people you go online and find a legit place to intern out and if you do fuck, way better than I did and send it my way bitches.

Want to know the most fucked up part…

I dont even want to be in this fucking field anymore. I mean i knew it would happen like this. I’m good at it, dont get me wrong, especially advertising and public relations but I want to write, I always have. I do that here, and I love it,but when you contribute very little to the world and relationship you just kinda wanna crawl under a rock.

Ugh, today will consists of packing, cleaning, internship looking, hair pulling(not the good kind) and hopefully some writing.

Happy holidays my ass.

Kidding, Hope everyone is doing great!