10 days

10 days since you came;

10 days since I lost myself, again.

trying to figure out

how to be human-

a mother, wife, a woman,

is completely overwhelming.

– Jas ©


my 3rd was born 8.11 and everything just seems upside down.. at least he’s cute 🙃


3 responses to “10 days

  1. sheeeeessshhhh .. feels like i havent been here forever!!! & baba #3 .. wow ❤ congratulations ❤ .. & pleased hes a cutie 😉 hope you & fems are well xxx

    • How didn’t I see or respond to this 😔. I have been on and off forever lol. I like disappearing. Thank you and we are doing as well as can be. Hope you are doing well!

      • Same lol .. & not as easy to get on here as it use to be .. ne’mind .. glad yous are well ❤️ & we are the same .. surviving 😘

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