her feet sank

into the sand;

cold waves

crashing into

her repeatedly

knocking her down,

but she got up

every time with

her head held high






wow, so today i got the notification that i’ve officially hit 1,000 followers!Screenshot_20180122-083759

I never thought when i started this blog that i would have this many followers, especially since i like to disappear ever so often.

I can only hope to continue doing what im doing and gather more people along the way.

Thank you to everyone who has followed, you guys are the best!!







i think its funny

that the only people

wanting me to have

another baby are men.


First it was my grandfather asking when Grace will get a companion and that i do it while im still young.

Second was a priest. Give her brothers and sisters dont wait.

third was alexs cousin. he basically told me to steal alexs sperm and get pregnant.What was i waiting for.. have more babies.


wtf is up with men. The women in my life arent like this, but the men,geez. They are all older so im thinking that has something to do with it.

How about people stop telling me have another baby. Yes i want another one and if it happens it happens but people need to stop trying to make it happen lol.