I’m the girl that says fuck a lot. The one sitting in the back, quiet, watching. The one who writes her heart out. The one trying to find her place in this world.

The names Jas.

I fell in love with poetry a few years back. I always had a close relationship with words, now I am able to form them into my art. Its been a while since I wrote last, I come and go with the seasons.

  • I have a degree in Journalism that I am currently not putting to use.
  • I live in the Midwest with my partner Lex, and we’ve been together for the last 17 years. Married for the last 4.
  • I’m a SAHM so I have barely any free time on my hands to enjoy the things I once loved ; reading and writing.
  • I write a variety of things, but mostly dark, sad, depressing shit about life, love and myself. There is some light in all this darkness though, I think, somewhere under all those shadows.
  • I have spawned 3 little demons. They will pop up now and then on here because i either love them to death or they drive me crazy.
  • I am a huge marijuana advocate. I love using it and experimenting with different strains. Bonus it helps with my shitty thoughts and mood
  • Clearly suffers from anxiety and depression and who knows what else 🙂
  • Trying to find some happiness and peace in all the darkness 🖤

I just want to share my words and thoughts with strangers, perhaps help people.
If you really want to know me just ask, I’m pretty straight forward.
– Jas.


59 responses to “About

    • Haha because I am one. I dislike small talk -just be straight forward. I rather be alone then with people. Hate parties lol. Am completely content just sitting around reading. When im around people I either get a really awkward or soo shy I cant formulate words. Its easy for me on the computer because I cant see anybody. Im just this faceless entity on the computer, who can get her feelings and thoughta out through quotes.

      • Well J, beyond all this you have an active thought process and you can express yourself quite well.

        I also love the fact that you called yourself an introvert. Do you know that people do not call themselves that if they truly are one?

        Also, you are trying to get into journalism which is great. Trust me you will make a really good one.

        Investigative journalism maybe? Lol!

        Drop me an email if you ever wish to share your thoughts with a faceless stranger 🙂



        • Lol thank you, its soo much easier to express oneself when writing.

          Yes, like people who are crazy dont really know it lol. But I feel like everyone is put into these societal categories and I rather put myself in one then have someone else categorize me.

          Yeah, im going into journalism, but I kinda want to go into advertising, if not then definitely investigative lol how’d you know ?!😉

          Haha one faceless stranger to another.

          • Yes my friend. I am part clairvoyant 🙂

            Investigative journalism is difficult business. You cannot be an introvert and achieve success in that. So I thought it would be a paradoxical proposition for you.

            Yes, one faceless stranger to another. Sometimes you can find peace and support through friendship with a person who is a long distance away.

            Wish you happiness and peace always my friend

  1. I’m glad you found your way to my blog. Then I could find the way to your. I look forward adding your writing to my reading. Cheers!

    (Also, I totally understand what it’s like to be an introvert even when other people are convinced that we are not. “Just because I’m cool on the outside, doesn’t mean I’m not completely freaking out on the inside”. Haha)

    • I am too; looking forward to looking through your blog and following along with new posts! Thanks for the follow! Haha im glad you’re willing to read my writing. Totally agree with your statement, my face may portray calmness but inside is chaos lol.

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. I am considering following yours, but, there is a lot you don’t like about me according to your People You Don’t Like post. So, I just don’t know…

  3. I’ve got a diploma in journalism, I read a hell of a lot, I write…usually about dark stuff…although not as much as I used to… I love words. Oh, and I say *fuck* far too much (apparently) even though I’m French – you sound alright to me! 😉

    • Haha awesome! Do you use your degree? I actually haven’t read in a couple of months but i have a shit ton of books I just ordered 😀 i immediately like people who say fuck a lot, good people 😉. Thanks for stopping by and replying!

      • My journalism diploma is from the National Council for the Training of Journalists in the UK, my degree was actually in languages and linguistics. Do I use the diploma? Kinda. I do free-lance work and stuff, but I gave up on earning any actual decent money from journalism ages ago…without the contacts and a hell of a lot of luck, you pretty much need to have another job. My course leaders were journalists for major national newspapers in the UK but they still needed to teach to complement their income. Journalism isn’t what it used to be, with the rise of the online news, journalists graduates are expected to work for free for ages at the beginning, something that wouldn’t have happened just 20 years ago. It sucks.
        But, hey, I don’t want to put you off! Haha
        Sorry, you asked and I’m incapable of lying…another bad trait for a journalist lol

        • Noo omg this is exactly what I needed to hear and somewhat something I already knew. My professors too worked for newspapers or even their own companies but were still teaching. I took an linguistics class once lol and it was amazing, great majors! I kinda of only know advertising and some Public Relations but even then contacts are key. I’ve already been “off” lol just trying to finish this degree up so I can ..uhm.. idk do whatever. 😜😊

          • As long as I didn’t put you off 😉
            It’s really hard to earn money from writing, be it journalism or anything else. It’s fine though, I need to write and I’ll always do it, it’s just who I am

  4. Your first 4 sentences also describe me. (Perhaps especially the first one.) But I really should have found my place in the world by now.

    Thanks for the follow… I look forward to reading your work… and hope you enjoy mine as well!

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