New Year

Happy New Year!

Update time.

On December 16 i had my little munchkin, right before the midnight hour. I had to be induced the day before and then i had to have an emergency c section but it was all worth it. Shes the cutiest thing ive ever seen (and im not just saying that since shes my kid)

Hospital picture..already mean muggin it.

The hospital was fun…not. By time the weekend ended i was soo ready to go home. I had enough of nurses (albeit nice) coming in checking on me, i had enough of the shitty hospital food, and enough of those hospital walls. I did have an awesome room but id rather be in my own bed.

That monday i was discharged,yay! Rven though the midwife asked me if i wanted to stay an extra day.. pffh 4 days was good enough for me.. i wanted to get the fuck out of there, especially since my family was coming in three days.

My mom and stepdad came for christmas and spent a week with us. I love them but having them here along with the mother in law and a newborn had been emotionally draining. I definitely had an attitude more than i would have liked (and still have )but shit happens, i just had a baby. Having both grandmas in the house was lets say another experience. One that i dont care to repeat anytime soon or ever again haha.

Christmas was good, different since im used to going back home but was still nice. Had a little dinner his mom cooked; the sister in law (one that lives here) ended up coming over later in the night with her family. I cooked the Christmas Day dinner because why the fuck not 🙄.

The day my family left was the same day the sister in law and niece flew in from New York. They will be here for a couple more days. I dont mind them so much only because i actually get time for me and the little one without being bothered to go upstairs and stay with the family.

Squishhh faceee

Even as i right this, im in bed with the little one laid out across me sleeping (my arm is going numb but shes too cute too move) I still cant believe im a mom, crazy shit. I cant wait to we actually have time to ourselves and i dont have to share her (im greedy)

Last night we just stayed home with his mom, sisters and nieces (yes he was outnumbered in a house full of women) i was ready for bed by 9 but had to stay awake until the ball dropped..longest 3 hours EVER.

Good news(i think): baby sleeps through most of the night so im not sleep deprived but im also worried since uhm baby sleeps through the night lol. I cant tell if its normal or not but she eats well and seems happy so im not complaining.

Well my arm is officially numb and im starving so we will wish you a Happy New Year filled with lots of happiness, good things and blah blahs

Laters 💚


Past Due.

Well my due date has past (Dec 9th) and still no sign of little one. i know its not extremely over due but I was hoping she would take after me (not her father) and arrive early. 

We have an ultrasound on Monday to see how things are going and an induction date of the 16th. 

Alex is telling me to evict her today (yeah ill get right on that) because we are supposed to be getting a snow storm tomorrow and we have a feeling she will decide to come then.

I mean I’m  all for people having home births or having their baby in the car but I’d  rather not be one of them. 

I keep telling alex she’ll come when when she comes, well before the 16th because then i will be evicting her haha. 

She seems, even though not born yet, to take after him wayy more than i like. I’m seriously  carrying around a little alex, im screwed .  Im not sure whats more difficult a little alex or a little jasmin. 

Did some walking yesterday, but since shes been pretty low forever she cant go any lower unless she just pops out.

So now we are just on the waiting game until this week. Lets hope we dont have to drivr to the hospital tomorrow, ill take tonight or monday.


8 days left. 

Holy shit, we are 8 days away from our due date and i cant wait! 

Good news is this is almost over and i get to meet my little chipmunk, bad news is we recently lost her grandfather (on monday) and the baby daddy is going to be out of town this weekend for his wake and funeral. 

So how do you keep a baby inside you?! (Kegels only work so much 😜)we both asked her nicely to stay put for a few more days so he can be here for her arrival but we will just have to wait and see. 

She really doesnt have that much space left in there but im hoping shes comfy enough to chill out until her due date and not be like me and have to be early. 

I know everyones pregnancy is different but this one seems to be one of the easiest ive seen. I didnt even have morning sickness. i like to joke with the boyfriend that if pregnancy is like this he better be prepared to have 5 kids. 

The only thing (okay couple of things)that has been a pain in the last couple of months are the swollen feet (the worst!!) and the fact that i have to see the midwife twice a week for NST (non stress test)-i do love hearing her little heartbeat though so its kinda worth it. 

Ive missed writing but getting ready for a baby and remodeling a bathroom has consumed all of my time…oh and the eating and naps haha. 

I promise ill get back to writing real soon! what kind of writing i have no idea but i will make a comeback 😊

Theres probably more i have to say but cant think of it right now, so i will leave it at this. 

Fingers crossed baby stays put this weekend!!


September September September

well hello there bloggers!

its been a while, im not sure how long but its pretty much been forever. Last we heard i was going on vacation back home. Ive been back home for a few weeks now and while i did enjoy my time in NY, by time it was over i was looking forward to leaving haha. We were there for almost 3 weeks ( we extended our stay by a little) and i just wanted my king size bed and my own little sanctuary, oh and im quiet time( which i dont know why i would be able to get that)

i see that i have a shit ton of new followers! uhm thank you and how the fuck did that happen?! its pretty cool but a little sad since i havnt been the greatest blogger in the last few months.

currently im 6 months pregnant (woot woot) i cant wait for her to come so i can eat what i want again ha and of course to see her; im not all that selfish =) We set up her little section already (crib, bassinet, closet, etc.) There was no way i was going to help with any of that when im 8 months plus i get bored easily and it gave us something to do. We also finally decided on a first and middle name … Grace Penelope. Grace for my great grandmother( was such an awesome woman) and Penelope because uh i let Lex decide and he said it just came to him, whatever i like it. For now and probably when she comes we call her Lil G and she seems to love it. Lex actually came up with the nickname and i hated it at first but then i ended up calling her that and now thats all we call her haha.. poor lil G.

September usually means back to school but i had to come to the realization that I unfortunately cannot finish my degree until the summer time due to financial problems and wanting to take time off (winter) to be with the little one. Sooooo ill be sitting around,pacing , and looking for work online to pass some time.  It sucks but i gotta do what i gotta do. AND since ill have soooo much time that means i can come back to blogging and writing again( fingers crossed)

we will see what happens next and ill keep anyone interested posted haha

laters for now



Vacation time!!

Making the long, tiring and mostly boring car ride to New York. Its really a love hate relationship sitting in a car for 10 hours waiting to just get home (yes i consider NY my home still) 

Had to sit in traffic for a hour which means we are still in Ohio, ughhhh. Usually it only takes 2.5 hours but it feels like almost 4 and then we get the exciting straight way across Pennsylvania  (yay 5 hours). Are we done yet? Nope have to go through Jersey before we can get to the glorious George Washington Bridge. 

I keep moving my legs to get circulation because i dont want to make unnecessary stops and waste more fucking time. 

I cant wait to get the hell out of this car and be in the hot,humid Bronx..oh and to see the family ha ha. 

On another note, that i will post about a little later, is that a few days ago we found out we’re having a girl!!( woot a mini me and ahhh shit a mini me 😋).

Ill be around.