we saw through

each others faults,

confining in our

strengths to make

this work.



Uhm, You’re Scaring me.

*sleeping shaking body of boyfriend*

Lex:*low mumbles* “ahhh, heyy”.mumble mumble mumble, more shaking

Fuck you..noo noo.”

Me: *all the way on the other side of the bed,wide eyed* “uhh…babee…?”

Lex: jsjdbjejbab!

Me: fuck me!

I tried shaking him but then realized that is probably not the best idea. This has happened before, but I’m usually not almost asleep and in dead silence. Scared the living shit out of me. I’ve  told him before that he talks in his sleep and shakes but he never believes me. I should have recorded it,for evidence of course. Unfortunately, I was too freaked out to even move;I’ve  never heard him this angry or loud before.

Today he had some issues at work and I take it its bothering him in dreamland,sounded like he was talking to someone from work. Craaaaazy.

Well he’s  silent for now.

But still looks like I’m going to be awake for a little longer.

The Reoccurring Theme…I’m back, for now.

There seems to be a reoccurring theme I’ve been stuck in lately.

I seem to be on the internet one day and then gone for like a week or more the next. No contact, no post, just nothing. I don’t mean to do it, okay maybe some subconscious part of me, but consciously, I don’t even realize that days have gone by.

I keep telling myself that today I’ll open my computer, or even better use my phone, to post something of some nature, buuuuttt instead idk what happens.

Well for the last week, the boyfriend had a really bad abscess in his mouth that spread to his cheek; his whole left side of face was swollen beyond belief. I really couldn’t do much,ya know gotta be the nice girlfriend and take care of her sick bubs.

The week before that I was on mid winter break ( hallelujah ). SO me and the boyfriend decided to be the laziest people ever and do nothing but chill out. Oh right, his sister and two nieces came for a visit, plus his other sister and other nieces (plus a nephew) came over.

I like family just has much as the next person( okay maybe a little less) but when you’re on “vacation” you don’t want to deal with all that loud ruckus. lol

Anyways, back to school now , which I’m not really excited about.

I have to do a senior pro folio; my published work and non published work. Because you know its so easy for a college student to get their work published. Another problem is I’m going into advertising, there isn’t much article writing. I don’t have much that I can put together, so there’s one problem.

Another problem is an internship. YAY. I probably should have started looking for one, but with all work for my classes, I haven’t had a chance to even look. Worse part is I need it for the summer, and I don’t have a resume. Whomp Whomp.

On the bright side, 5 more weeks of classes and I can graduate !! Oh man, things are happening way to fast for my tastes and I just might freak.

I might be back later or I might not.I’m done making promises I can’t keep =)