Table Be Gone!

Our coffee/dining table is from hell, no doubt about it.

I had recently smashed my hand on it,hurting it for a few days. Thats not the first time, but the hit was one of the worst ones.

Now, today, I ran into the table,ramming my knee into the corner making me fall over onto the couch. Ultimate pain and plenty of “oh.. ow…fuck..ow…shit!”

Immediately red, black and blue.

The table is out to get me I know it, I feel it just standing there planning its next move.

Well fucker,we have a fire place and could always use wood for the winter.

I’m pretty much  at my point of being done with that piece of shit furniture.  I have the bruises and limp to prove it.

I could only imagine what its going to look and feel like the in morning.

Stupid table.