i think its funny

that the only people

wanting me to have

another baby are men.


First it was my grandfather asking when Grace will get a companion and that i do it while im still young.

Second was a priest. Give her brothers and sisters dont wait.

third was alexs cousin. he basically told me to steal alexs sperm and get pregnant.What was i waiting for.. have more babies.


wtf is up with men. The women in my life arent like this, but the men,geez. They are all older so im thinking that has something to do with it.

How about people stop telling me have another baby. Yes i want another one and if it happens it happens but people need to stop trying to make it happen lol.


weird stage

I’m at the part

of this thing where I know

I’m pregnant but I don’t feel it;

so I poke my belly and ask

little spawn what its doing.


Alex: ” Stop poking the baby!”

Me: “What! it cant feel anything” *poke poke*

Alex: ” youre probably hitting it in the face!”

Me: ” ohh fuck off, its just a love tap!”

I swear I’m not poking the shit out of it and I’m like 89% sure its fine.. its chilling have a good time =) not my fault I have no symptoms of anything so I’m justĀ chilling tooĀ haha

crazy meats

Ā love it when the

cat goes psycho;

playing with the ghosts

and destroying the house.


aren’t cats the weirdest sometimes?! and btw I call my cat meats lol .. as in little meats what are you doing.. or ohh you crazy meats .. lmao she loves it and she does have a real name that I just never call her (Sophie) i even named her that lol which gives me the right not to call her by her given name.. silly meats. which technically can be meets… but i like to think of her as food and ya know a furry meatball sometimes so yeah shes stuck with itĀ or shit face which is my go to when we are fighting.


she was supposed to be on a diet but she plays the people in the house (not me) and they keep feeding her.

Guess I Haven’t Changed.

20151231_153956 (1).jpg

“this is bullshit”

I had found this picture when I was leaving. I thought it was fucking hilarious- even as a youngin I wasn’t buying the shit.

It was funny at first until ALL, every picture of me, I’m not smiling. what. the.fuck. I wanted to take them all down and hide them forever. Why wasn’t I smiling? Shouldn’t I have been happy, I was a child with a good family, yet none of them involved me smiling, there were a couple withĀ  a forced grin but still.

Of course, while I’m there over analyzing shit the boyfriends like

” hey , you didn’t smileĀ until you met me!”

That may or may not be true,Ā  there was picture of us when we first started going on, on the top of the stairs and I was smiling.

I wanted to push him down the stairs, it crossed my mind for a split second, for saying some stupid shit like that- this isn’t a fucking Nicholas sparks novel. Get the fuck out of here. stupid emotions.. maybe I just.. I don’t know started to smile. Geeze mysterious things do happen all the time.

I do smile now, kinda.

I do hate pictures and always want to make a face, so I rarely take them.

I think next time I go back to NY I’m stealing all those pictures and burning them. Most of them were during my horrendous era anyways, so I wont miss them.


Pen Pals 4 Ever

pen pals.jpg

I want one.

Okay maybe not just one,but I’veĀ  always been in love with that idea.

Obviously, I wouldn’tĀ  be quite comfortable going old school and givingĀ  my address out,yet;however, I’ve heard about this invention called the internet and email.

I’mĀ  a really good listener.

And I get bored and lonely (how sad),sometimes reading or music just doesnt help.


And I promise it wouldn’tĀ  get weird.

Correction , it may get a little weird šŸ˜®

P.s this is the shit that happens when the boyfriend decides to sleep.

Garlic Pores

I know this is going to sound soo strange and people are going to ask “what the hell is wrong with her? But bare with me.

I loooovee garlic. Wait, all those o are implying ill get it raw and i will definitely not. I looove cooked garlic.

I use it all the time in my cooking.

The problem with that is, it fucking smells.

And when you use it multiple times a day, a few days out of the week, it seeps into your skin,burrowing deep and implanting itself there.

It gets under your nails.


Which leads me to be the weirdo who is constantly smelling their hands. I dont want too. I dont think anyone does but I smell it.

I can’tĀ  get the smell out. It may have seeped all the way into my brain, signaling down to my nose “heyyy smell thatt”

Washed my hands, showers, brushed teeth and yet I still smell it.

Its going to make me crazy, especially when my boyfriend doesnt care enough to help with a real solution

Me: babe, babbeee , smell my hand.

Serial Smirker: uhmm…no.

ME: pleeeeasseeee, it smellsĀ  I swear, a mixture of garlic, cigarette smoke anddd hmm somethingĀ  i cant quite figure out, smell!

* wave my hand manically in front of his face*

Serial Smirker : get the fuck out of here

Me: * pouting and giving him the big eyes* pweaseee just real quick i swear, a little whiff

Serial Smirker : *groans* you’reĀ  a pain in the ass

* I shove my hand up his nose*

Serial Smirker : jesus, go wash your hands smelly

*deflacted I go wash my hands with bleach*

SEE wheres the wonderful soloution that will fix my problem. I was expecting some ancient recipe from the motherland that cleanses skin of garlic or something!

But nope.

I’veĀ  decided to cut my fingersĀ  off.

Kidding. Ha.

Actually, were gonna be laying off the garlic for a while. Or im going to buy gloves for cutting. That seemsĀ  like a better idea.

Step 1 : buy gloves
Step 2: cut up a bunch of garlic
Step 3: smell hands

If everything goes as planned step 3 should accompanied by a more pleasant smell.

Garlic knots crossed.

Yes, yes I’ve been told I am extremely corny.

– J.Rose