I get to go home tomorrow !!

I know its not that big of a deal but I haven’t seen my family in over 6 months. You would think that im sooo excited that i’ve been packed for days, ready to go. But im not lol. We are supposed to be driving tomorrow morning and neither my boyfriend nor I have anything ready-besides my pile of clothes.

We weren’t even sure how we were getting there until last night.All the car rentals  wanted an arm and a leg just because we’re under 25.Luckily his  mom stepped in and gave up her car to us 😄 sooo we can leavee bright and early.

Here in the midwest we’re supposed to be getting some pretty bad weather, snow, ice, all the good stuff =/ . Im hoping by the time we leave it will mostly be over, even though the boyfriend warned me already that he will drive 10mph if he has too lol . I just dont wanna turn this 10 hr drive into a 15 hr one. But I guess safety is more important-just hoping the weather permits us to leave on time and doesnt interfere with our driving.

Hope everyone else is going to have a wonderful Christmas/Holidays🎅🎄🎉. Ill probably be back on here posting my usual quotes and what not, just not as much. Actually I lied probably just the same plus some pictures from NY.

I should probably go pack and get things ready since I am a last minute woman … tata for now 💛👋