wanna be a cat

I’m so tired of

eating so much;

I wish I was like a

cat and only stayed

pregnant for 64 days.


roughly 64 days* speaking of cats and pregnancy I wrote a post a whiiilllee back about our stray cats( 5 of them that ive been wanting to get rid of but since its been so long and they are fucking feral we cant)well well.. 4 of them are gone because one of them had kittens! so now we have a momma and her cute fucking adorable kittens living in our backyard…I want to hate them and not get attached to them but they are so tiny with wittle tails and tiny legs and ugh stupid cute cats. Boyfriend wouldn’t listen to me when I said hey I’m pretty sure one of them had kittens but nooo I don’t know what I’m talking about until he saw them for himself and automatically fell in love. Of course he fell in love with them.. hes a cat man who would have 700cats if he could..psycho.

Long fucking day

Had minimal sleep last night ( thank you spawn and bladder) and then woke up to the bf making noise at 6..tried to go back to sleep (which just involved me tossing and turning) then the cat attacking the fucking door to come in( bf was smoking in the bathroom with his headset on soo didn’t hear her) had to get up and let her in ..kinda wanted to punch them both in the face.

Went back to bed..correction laid back in bed attempting this sleep thing again only to hear the bf making more noise that he can’t hear because of his fucking headset.. finally just ended up getting up and grilling the hell out of him while he asks “why are you upset”..uhm because its 7 and i just want to sleep dipshit.

Not a happy camper right now because I’m tired..bored and its going to take forever until nighttime and I could actually go to bed lol.

Plus I think his mother put the heat on again.. by mistake  of course which only makes the house 1000 fucking degrees and she wonders why it’s soo hot.. ugh. Twice this week I have found the heat on and i want to rip the thing off the wall!

I guess I can get dressed and go out for a little and hope I don’t fall asleep somewhere 😊