everything comes with a price

Iā€™ve been called a robot,

a cold hearted bitch,

a soulless creature,

because I donā€™t rule

with my emotions.

I donā€™t let them show,

most times.

Yet Iā€™ve felt every fucking word,

every moment.

They always want me in tears,

a wreck incapable of processing,

I refuse to let in,

I wont.

Someone has to be strong,

And Iā€™ll take the job.



Never Let the Light Go


Don’t let anyone tell you

Who you are.

If they are not comfortable

with you,

Its their fault, not yours;

That they cant see your strength,

Your beauty.

It outshines theirs, and for that,

They will try to burn you out.

Never let the light go,

For someone else.