woke up sore

a little funny story for peoples mornings.

at night when the little ones asleep i go upstairs to the garage and smoke ( yes i started smoking again you judgmental bitches =p)

well i really wanted to smoke and relax from a hard day last night so im sitting in the garage getting some fresh air enjoying my blunt.I have her on the monitor so i know if she moves or whatever.

She starts to move and cry, i let her to see if shell put herself back to sleep. Nope, instead she decides to sit up and cry for me more so i have to put out my smoke real quick and run downstairs so she wont throw herself off the bed. (she sleeps in my bed with me)

So, i run down the stairs for her and and im running towards our room when my foot slips on a fucking hanger and i crash onto the floor, phone goes flying.

My daughter has no idea that i had just fallen despite the the really loud ” Ow, Fuck!”  because shes still crying.

I cant just lay here in pain and try to figure out if i broke anything, so i hobbled to the bed and took care of her.

All the while going shit my arm hurt, wait my knee hurts too, oh man and my hip.

i waited for her to fall back asleep to go check out my injuries.

safe to say nothing is broken lol but i am sore as fuck.

Boyfriend thinks its hilarious. I cant wait until he falls. Jerk.

daughter needs me again, this time i wont be running

later loves xo





vodka or whiskey?

why not whiskey,

a bottle of jack

for two sounds nice,

Or so you would think.

Shots after shots,

washed down with

cigarettes and gatorade

(whose idea was this?)

half a bottle down and

we still haven’t moved-

Mustn’t be that strong

more shots! And more


smoked filled room

and an empty bottle

of Jack,consumed by

two tiny girls;

one who was fine

and one who wasn’t.


well shit that was a lot lol

Memory #3:

DONT DRINK WITH A DRINKER!!! or youll have to play it cool as the 13th shot goes down your throat.. play it cool when said drinker said lets get another bottle (what?!!) and attempt to play it cool as you walk to go get that bottle.

NO we never got that bottle..  I walked( liess but in my head I was on a fucking catwalk) right around the block..knewww there was no possibly way unless crawling was involved I was going to a fucking store and drinking more. So thankful she lived down the block from me (which was the longgessttt time ive ever taken to get home and ive done this drunk walk plently of times)

instead of walking in through the front door, I walked in through the basement left to crawl up two flights of stairs well attempting not too throw up my liver. Give this girl some props I actually fucking did it.. okay fine as soon as I entered my room everything left me.. literally. fun times woke up with no shirt on, one leg in my pants  and the worst fucking hangover ever….seriously sick for houuursss and of course since it was my vacation time and I was visiting I was dragged out the house to go shopping. it hurt so good lol