no sex

you said we can have

sex on my birthday because

you don’t want the spawn

tainted by our sexual needs;

youre fucking crazy and irrational.


for the longest time ive been hearing this.. or its gonna get poked or a facial(okay that one was mine and his face was doesn’t even make sense) hes a fucking lunatic sometimes but I’m wearing him down because well needs need to me met, duh.

wait, i cant see!

some people

like sex in the

dark, not me

I want to see

every need

play out across

your face.


the boyfriend and I know someone
whos girlfriend only wants sex
with the lights off… I had found that interesting,
maybe she does it for personal reasons and I wont knock
on that but only, ever, with someone you have been
with for more than a couple of years intrigues me.
Any body else only like having sex with the
lights off?!

ps. the title also can apply to me losing my glasses =)

uncontrollable habit

I give off

this sex vibe;

a pheromone,

that clings to

your skin, flooding

your senses, disrupting

your thoughts;

an easy turn-on,

that only wants

my touch.


boyfriend: can you stop giving off those pheromones.
Me: what the fuck are you talking about?
boyfriend: you just make me wanna do bad things to you..
Me: *smiling* I’m not even doing anything
(and I’m seriously not are these pheromones real?!! btw I know they are.. lol)