i think its funny

that the only people

wanting me to have

another baby are men.


First it was my grandfather asking when Grace will get a companion and that i do it while im still young.

Second was a priest. Give her brothers and sisters dont wait.

third was alexs cousin. he basically told me to steal alexs sperm and get pregnant.What was i waiting for.. have more babies.


wtf is up with men. The women in my life arent like this, but the men,geez. They are all older so im thinking that has something to do with it.

How about people stop telling me have another baby. Yes i want another one and if it happens it happens but people need to stop trying to make it happen lol.


September September September

well hello there bloggers!

its been a while, im not sure how long but its pretty much been forever. Last we heard i was going on vacation back home. Ive been back home for a few weeks now and while i did enjoy my time in NY, by time it was over i was looking forward to leaving haha. We were there for almost 3 weeks ( we extended our stay by a little) and i just wanted my king size bed and my own little sanctuary, oh and im quiet time( which i dont know why i would be able to get that)

i see that i have a shit ton of new followers! uhm thank you and how the fuck did that happen?! its pretty cool but a little sad since i havnt been the greatest blogger in the last few months.

currently im 6 months pregnant (woot woot) i cant wait for her to come so i can eat what i want again ha and of course to see her; im not all that selfish =) We set up her little section already (crib, bassinet, closet, etc.) There was no way i was going to help with any of that when im 8 months plus i get bored easily and it gave us something to do. We also finally decided on a first and middle name … Grace Penelope. Grace for my great grandmother( was such an awesome woman) and Penelope because uh i let Lex decide and he said it just came to him, whatever i like it. For now and probably when she comes we call her Lil G and she seems to love it. Lex actually came up with the nickname and i hated it at first but then i ended up calling her that and now thats all we call her haha.. poor lil G.

September usually means back to school but i had to come to the realization that I unfortunately cannot finish my degree until the summer time due to financial problems and wanting to take time off (winter) to be with the little one. Sooooo ill be sitting around,pacing , and looking for work online to pass some time.  It sucks but i gotta do what i gotta do. AND since ill have soooo much time that means i can come back to blogging and writing again( fingers crossed)

we will see what happens next and ill keep anyone interested posted haha

laters for now



Long fucking day

Had minimal sleep last night ( thank you spawn and bladder) and then woke up to the bf making noise at 6..tried to go back to sleep (which just involved me tossing and turning) then the cat attacking the fucking door to come in( bf was smoking in the bathroom with his headset on soo didn’t hear her) had to get up and let her in ..kinda wanted to punch them both in the face.

Went back to bed..correction laid back in bed attempting this sleep thing again only to hear the bf making more noise that he can’t hear because of his fucking headset.. finally just ended up getting up and grilling the hell out of him while he asks “why are you upset”..uhm because its 7 and i just want to sleep dipshit.

Not a happy camper right now because I’m tired..bored and its going to take forever until nighttime and I could actually go to bed lol.

Plus I think his mother put the heat on again.. by mistake  of course which only makes the house 1000 fucking degrees and she wonders why it’s soo hot.. ugh. Twice this week I have found the heat on and i want to rip the thing off the wall!

I guess I can get dressed and go out for a little and hope I don’t fall asleep somewhere 😊


“We’re Not Compatible”

I couldn’t  get this out of my head last night, so here it is.

Lex and I were having a conversation yesterday, jokingly, about me stealing his money and other things.

     Lex: “ yeah what else you gonna try and steal from me before leaving.”
Me: “ oh you know the only thing left is your seed.”
   Lex: *shocked I said that*    “well you’ve tried that already and we found out were not compatible.”
   Me:*mouth open* “whatt?”
   Lex: “ not like that ,you know one of us has something wrong.”

     Me: “thaanks for reminding me about my poisonous  vagina.”
             “DNA does not compute,matches not found”  *in my robot voice”

IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! Can two people be incompatible therefore leaving no chance to reproduce?

That actually hurt my feelings a little because its something Ive been struggling with in secret; I do think I’m  the problem  and that my vag can’t  handle it. Have I gone to the doctor for it,no because I really  don’t want to find out I’m  the one to blame.

A reason why we think one of us has a problem  ( and why I think its me) and its not scientifically proven but I figure when you do everything right and the right time and you’re  young it should happen a little more easier. I mean I don’t even have to search Facebook to know that 90% of the women I graduated with are mothers. Half the time it’s a one night stand and BAM super sperm and super egg unite!

Uhm,  why can’t  it be that simple.

I mean it happens all the time to women; they just get pregnant, sometimes they don’t even know.

I’m  going to have to eventually go, Lex wants a family, I just don’t want him to be disappointed. I know him saying were not compatible is him acknowledging  the truth but to be given an actual denial would be a serious blow.

I just told him about this post and how his words actually made an impact and he started laughing, I probably shouldnt have been saying it with a smile on my face.. but what can I say, we’re some twisted bastards.

Hope everyone else’s  vag and balls are doing better!