Past Due.

Well my due date has past (Dec 9th) and still no sign of little one. i know its not extremely over due but I was hoping she would take after me (not her father) and arrive early. 

We have an ultrasound on Monday to see how things are going and an induction date of the 16th. 

Alex is telling me to evict her today (yeah ill get right on that) because we are supposed to be getting a snow storm tomorrow and we have a feeling she will decide to come then.

I mean I’m  all for people having home births or having their baby in the car but I’d  rather not be one of them. 

I keep telling alex she’ll come when when she comes, well before the 16th because then i will be evicting her haha. 

She seems, even though not born yet, to take after him wayy more than i like. I’m seriously  carrying around a little alex, im screwed .  Im not sure whats more difficult a little alex or a little jasmin. 

Did some walking yesterday, but since shes been pretty low forever she cant go any lower unless she just pops out.

So now we are just on the waiting game until this week. Lets hope we dont have to drivr to the hospital tomorrow, ill take tonight or monday.



8 days left.Ā 

Holy shit, we are 8 days away from our due date and i cant wait! 

Good news is this is almost over and i get to meet my little chipmunk, bad news is we recently lost her grandfather (on monday) and the baby daddy is going to be out of town this weekend for his wake and funeral. 

So how do you keep a baby inside you?! (Kegels only work so much šŸ˜œ)we both asked her nicely to stay put for a few more days so he can be here for her arrival but we will just have to wait and see. 

She really doesnt have that much space left in there but im hoping shes comfy enough to chill out until her due date and not be like me and have to be early. 

I know everyones pregnancy is different but this one seems to be one of the easiest ive seen. I didnt even have morning sickness. i like to joke with the boyfriend that if pregnancy is like this he better be prepared to have 5 kids. 

The only thing (okay couple of things)that has been a pain in the last couple of months are the swollen feet (the worst!!) and the fact that i have to see the midwife twice a week for NST (non stress test)-i do love hearing her little heartbeat though so its kinda worth it. 

Ive missed writing but getting ready for a baby and remodeling a bathroom has consumed all of my time…oh and the eating and naps haha. 

I promise ill get back to writing real soon! what kind of writing i have no idea but i will make a comeback šŸ˜Š

Theres probably more i have to say but cant think of it right now, so i will leave it at this. 

Fingers crossed baby stays put this weekend!!


no sex

you said we can have

sex on my birthday because

you don’t want the spawn

tainted by our sexual needs;

youre fucking crazy and irrational.


for the longest time ive been hearing this.. or its gonna get poked or a facial(okay that one was mine and his face was doesn’t even make sense) hes a fucking lunatic sometimes but I’m wearing him down because wellĀ needs need to me met, duh.

weird stage

I’m at the part

of this thing where I know

I’m pregnant but I don’t feel it;

so I poke my belly and ask

little spawn what its doing.


Alex: ” Stop poking the baby!”

Me: “What! it cant feel anything” *poke poke*

Alex: ” youre probably hitting it in the face!”

Me: ” ohh fuck off, its just a love tap!”

I swear I’m not poking the shit out of it and I’m like 89% sure its fine.. its chilling have a good time =) not my fault I have no symptoms of anything so I’m justĀ chilling tooĀ haha

the last couple(few?) weeks

wow I really disappeared didn’t I? I didn’t realize how long I was gone for; my days seem to be just going away.

I am well and alive!

Lets see… oh recap time.

  • I’veĀ beenĀ gaining the appropriate weight ( well according to my app ha and the 2400 calories I’m eating a day ..or trying too ).
  • I’ve binged watched some TV shows and seen a shit ton of movies.
  • I went and finally got my eyes checked- no surprise they have gotten worse since the last time they were checked and got a cool pair of glasses that I’m waiting on.
  • I found out health insurance can be a real pain in the ovaries and their website can suck dick.
  • I also found out that I most likely have hyperthyroidism.
  • come to realize that I hate doctors and appointment
  • I discovered the deliciousness of Swiss Cheese ..who fucking knew.
  • making a baby registry is a real buzz kill and makes my head hurt
  • my jaw is beginning to hurt because uhm eating so much sucks lol
  • my attire consists of white tees, tank tops, leggings and my favorite pair of capris…shit, I really need to go shopping

There are probably more things but that’s pretty much my life for the last weeks …real exciting stuff guys.

oh wait.

the baby daddy wants to redo the bathroom I told him no and then got fed up with his shit so then I told him yes. so now he has 3 weeks to start this fucking project…he can only work on it on Wednesday, Thursdays and Sundays …needless to say he most likely wont get done before we leave for NY. Then when we get back he only has 2 weeks to complete it. AND he wants to redo the fucking floors because why the fuck not right.” but its for the baby” he says. Uhm the baby doesn’t even have a fucking area to sleep in! I’m going to let him have this project just so I can bitch about it and laugh Ā when it doesn’t get done and we have to hire someone else. (which ive been trying to get him to do.. how nice would it be to leave for NY and then come back to a new awesome bathroom?! apparently not as good as doing it yourself. FUCKING MEN)

okay now I’m done …for now.


p.s how the hell is everyone? if I read my blog correctly 700 followers?!?!

Liter of Cola

I want a liter of cola..okay preferably Pepsi but still im craving soda and its all Alex’s fault and his half of this spawn. I gave up drinking soda last year and for the last week or so it’s all I can think about ..I’ve even given in and taken sips of his drink and then feel really bad and wash it away with water ..but it just tastes soo fucking goood. I’m thinking about banning him from drinking it in front of me because spawn says Driinnnkkk iiitttt alll and noo soda bad!!*sigh* I know i can have some but just because I can doesn’t mean I should plus i did give it up and I’ll be damn if i go back to it..fully. His mother asked me if I was craving anything and I told her the only thing i want is soda and she wanted to give me a can!! I ran away and screamed noo. I dont have cravings and if i do im usually good at denying them but this i cant. I never wanted it before Alex’s spawn started taking over and i cant wait till these months are over and i dont have a desire to punch Alex in the face and steal his soda ā˜ŗ


spawn update

Went the other day to get the spawns first ultrasound, which neither Alex or I were really excited about (I had been worrying for days prior about everything possibly wrong) and I don’t think neither of us really acknowledge that we were actually having a spawn.

so we travelled 30 minutes, me with my bladder full moving around hoping to get there sooner, him in his cool attitude ,ugh.

Finally got thereĀ , a small cozy place stuck in-between two other doors ,signed in and sat next to some other heavily pregnant woman. I wanted to ask her questions because I’m nosey and because it would have eased my mind but she did not seem in the mood at all. Only to find out she had been sitting there for an hour to talk with a doctor that said he couldn’t even see her and he’ll see her at her next appointment.

Boyfriend automatically hated the place , had to hear him bitch about it after we left because we have to go back next week and he did not like the whole vibe of it or the people lol even though I did explain she brought it upon herself.. a little. Theres no fucking way I’m going to be 7 or 8 months pregnant and then wait around after my appointment … yeahh noo, fuck that and fuck you talk to me next time and if its important give me a phone call.. she waited for an hour! he started laughing cause he knows for fuck sure I’m not waiting for an hour let alone 30minutes. Ppppleaseeee. I gotĀ a mouth and an attitude and no patience for people making me wait.

Anyway I was called in fairly quickly (thankfully because I have no idea how long I would have lasted not going to the bathroom) He came in with me, his tall ass towering over everything awkwardly walking through the halls with me: priceless. Literally hopped up on the table, got some warm jelly (wtf happened to the cool one?!) and waited as she moved the ultrasound thingy around for the longest minute of our lives. Just staring at this screen and I have no fucking idea my uterusĀ  i guess lol wondering uhhmm isn’t there supposed to be something in there until finally shes like aww theres your little peanut( a name alex loved and I did not) Alexs face got super serious and had an oh shit moment and looked at me as if he thought I was lying the whole time and just now realized that I was telling the truth and he was becoming a father.. another priceless moment

The nurse had to laugh because the little spawn was squirming all over the place, kicking its little legs, which alex commented “what were you listening to on the way here.. rock music weren’t you”.. uhmm yess because its gonna be a rocker spawn duh lol. Whether or not my music had an affect on the spawn is a matter for discussion but that bugger was all over the place. We also found out were almostĀ 12 weeks (tomorrow ) which had us both confused but whatever ill go along with it.

spawn first picture.jpg

Awee look at spawns little footsies!! this was our favorite out of the two pictures we got.. until we took a closer look at the scary face lmao .. we’re so mean.. but its scary cute lol

well theres the update of my spawn.

Oh were going for genetic testing soon which alex flipped out lol what are they going to do to my baby they better not hurt it! oh babe don’t you know they gonna stick a needle in its little head and take out fluid lmao ..faceee dropp no fucking wayy its not happening. ahh hes too funny and easy to mess around with =) remind me to not let him google anything.