wait, i cant see!

some people

like sex in the

dark, not me

I want to see

every need

play out across

your face.


the boyfriend and I know someone
whos girlfriend only wants sex
with the lights off… I had found that interesting,
maybe she does it for personal reasons and I wont knock
on that but only, ever, with someone you have been
with for more than a couple of years intrigues me.
Any body else only like having sex with the
lights off?!

ps. the title also can apply to me losing my glasses =)


uhm, thanks ..again

Screenshot_2016-02-15-23-03-34suck  it babe, I got 500(1) followers, bitch!

ah yes I received this last night.. honestly I’m not quite sure how this happened but whatevs I’m not gonna complain.

*Insert how long ive been blogging*

*insert some sentimental shit*

seriously, I don’t know how many more times I will be able to say how truly awesome every single one of you fuckers are.. uhmm an unlimited supply of icecream dusted with a light coating of marijuana type awesome=D

love ya guys