The Girl with No Friends: Calling All Strangers.

upset no friensd

Over the years’ friends have been found and lost; leaving me with only one companion, the boyfriend.  That is fine and dandy but a girl needs other people to talk to; she can’t very well talk shit about her boyfriend to her boyfriend- we’ve tried it and let’s say it didn’t go so well.

I’ve met people on campus and in my classes, we would become acquaintances and then that’s it. We never talk again besides liking posts on Facebook. So I’ve said fuck it and the last few semesters I’ve been taking classes online.

I want conversation. Actually I need it, crave it.

That’s where my little activities come into play; part of my online activities involved me searching for a conversation, anyone to talk to. I know that sounds sad and desperate and in a sense it is, but I didn’t know what else to do. When you try to make friends with people as an adult its waaaayyy harder.  There should really be a handbook for that shit.

This blog is a purpose to make friends, virtually of course, but I think that’s the best kind. It helps my inner introvert. I don’t have to cancel plans, I’ll always be an email away, and if your interests are totally outlandish, no worries I’ll never have to tell you that to your face.

All kidding aside, I know I’ve been a WordPress stalker, observing and liking peoples post(sorrryy) without really commenting, it’s not your guys faults its mine. I am shy if I don’t know you and I most likely won’t say anything to you unless you talk to me first. Then you might have to beat me with a stick to get me away. Clinger.  Just. Love. Me.

I’m slowly opening these chicken wings and trying to fly, talking to more people (I think its 3 now guys!) well it more of commenting but fuck off it’s a first step.  I always want people to be comfortable with me (shit this is getting creepy)



“yes…yess.. comfortable” *rubs tiny hands together*

Anybody like weird humor?? I offer plenty of that.

I wont oversell myself here because the actual reason for this blog was to get to know you.

No not you, move a little, the person behind you.

Ahh yess you!

I want to know you and not the way you tell your mom how your days been going. I want secrets… okay I gotta chill it a little, bring it in bit. I do accept secret but that’s not for now.

We can start off simple, a few easy questions (I won’t be surprise or bad if no one answers, just a little experiment)

  • What’s your nickname? And If you don’t have one do you want one??
  • What’s your favorite color and why?
  • What are your hobbies? (I’m in the market for a new one)
  • What’s your favorite memory
  • If you could live in any era of time which one would it be? (looks like that joint kicked in)


Ahh the joys of college life.

The last couple of days have been non-stop school work and we’re only going on the 4th week.

I think some professors just love to see their students in a chaotic mess. I’m currently taking three classes this semester  and I can honestly say for the first time in the longest time this is going to be the most difficulty,time consuming, energy wasting semester.

If you don’t already know I am a Journalism major, looking at an English minor AND I’m suppose to be applying for graduation by Friday.

This whole school system and financial aid is all fucked up. Technically I can graduate in April, even without the right amount of credits, as long as I attend in the beginning of summer. OH easyy peasyy right? Nope. somehow this student on full financial aid has to come up with money to attend or else I can’t graduate. They like to think that the “little refund” and whatever is left over can go towards that; however, I highly doubt anybody has anything left ,especially 5 grand that it costs.

Now I’m stuck here trying to figure out if I can even take a minor. If I do I’ll have 3 classes left. But its all about money, money, money. I really want to minor in English but there is no way ill be able to come up with all that money for something I don’t actually need. I’m more worried about my actually degree and the 2 classes I have left for that.

Ugh. Decisions, decisions. I can’t ponder too long, since I only have to the end of the week.

Besides my graduation conundrum, I truly believe the online course I am taking will be the death of me. I ended up jumping into it last minute without fully looking at the details- which in a way turned out to be a big no-no.  I thought it would be a business writing course, a general knowledge of writing cover letters, resumes, idk fucking customer replies. Well it turns out its business writing for Public Relations and Advertising. I cant even be fucking mad since I’m a journalism major who wants to go into advertising ! I want to be mad, I do, since they didn’t clarify the course but nope it somehow pertains to me career path.

It always happens that way. I randomly choose classes and through them into a schedule and voila they happen to correlate with one another. I really don’t know how it always works out to my advantage but it does. So yes this fucking online class, that lied is a pain in the ass. I’m learning from it, don’t get me wrong  but holy hell for the last three weeks it has been constant work, whether writing in the forums or actually papers. The professor is seriously nuts; pretty much we have to submit something every day because you know its the only class anyone is taking and we have no lives.

She actually had the balls to send us an email saying that its been really crazy lately and she figures we need a break so shes giving us a few hours off . Ohh thank you master for permitting us some free time  -_- I don’t think I would mind as much if her webpage was organized appropriately and not a fucking mess. I get a headache trying to find what needs to be done on a page filled with nonsense.

I am also taking a linguistic class because..hmm I can =p  its quiiiteee interesting let me tell ya. So far so good but I can tell in the near future I’m going to have to start reading the textbook lol.

Enough of my ranting; I’m pretty sure this is my 100 post.

Yup 100- Man, oh man ! I cant believe I actually posted 100 things.  I honestly didn’t think that I would keep it up. But I did.

I got a new computer a couple of days ago ( happy dance) So I will be continue to posts quotes( I know I’ve been slacking) and will probably write more since I actually have a friggin keyboard. What a pain it is trying to write off a smartphone.

Well goodbye for now, I have a video game calling my name 😉