Happy New Year!!

Don’t worry this wont be a long post on the reflection of my year because it can be summed  up in 4 words:

Fucking sucked massive balls.

That’s  actually a pretty great description and my go to phrase, fyi.

Lets see this year :
– I didnt graduate college
– Didnt get a job/internship
– started chatting to other guys online (again)in full force
– almost  lost my relationship (a few times)
-failed a couple of classes
-hated myself
-hated myself some more
-stayed home 98% of the time

Much wow.

There’s probably more boring shit I’m forgetting but oh well.

I did, of course classic Jas, come back to the blog world at the end of the year. I didn’t  exactly know what I would be doing at the time but I knew I needed to come back. I tried a couple of different things before one day deciding to try writing some poetry. I’ve been known to wake up one day and decide to do something and do it. ( I did wake up ,said “fuck soda” and haven’t touched it since, plus I was able to give up mostly all other sugary things)

Well my little experiment turned out better than expected, she said with a maniacal laugh.

I’ve  meet some pretty fucking awesome people- those I’ve  chatted with and those I follow, yous are both equally amazing.

Apparently people like my stuff  ( still can’t  fucking believe it) so thank you my deranged individuals 😛

Idk what this new year will hold for me, but I wish the very best for everyone else.

“Lets sin and laugh,

cry and shout,

love and loss,

and  most importantly

make the world

our  bitch.”


Hope everyone’s new year is (even) better than the last.

 I found this too funny( I know I can be a loser) and decided to end my post with it lmao. Enjoy!