wait, i cant see!

some people

like sex in the

dark, not me

I want to see

every need

play out across

your face.


the boyfriend and I know someone
whos girlfriend only wants sex
with the lights off… I had found that interesting,
maybe she does it for personal reasons and I wont knock
on that but only, ever, with someone you have been
with for more than a couple of years intrigues me.
Any body else only like having sex with the
lights off?!

ps. the title also can apply to me losing my glasses =)


Down by The River


The sun was shining that day;

Warmth air engulfed us.

You had taken me down to your favorite spot;

Down by the river.

Laying out beneath the blue sky;

You took me in your arms,

Promises of forever whispered from your lips,

As you slowly went down my body.

Between my spread legs,


Feeling the moisture on my panties.

You told me I was yours,

Ripping them in pieces.

Exposing my soaked folds.

Legs over your shoulders,

Forever was now.

Your head bent between my smooth thighs,



Gently circling my clit,

You worked one… two, fingers inside.


Adding a third.

You brought me to the edge before stopping.

Kneeling above me and smiling,

You freed your cock.

Wetness spilled from the tip,

As you rubbed it against my juices.

Mixing us.

Hands entwined above my head,

I arched my back, lifting towards you,

With one hard thrust, you were inside,

Filling me up.


Both moving together,

A slippery, hot mess.

Our moans fill the air,

As I clenched around you,

You going deeper, taking us to the brink.

Both panting and crazed,

I wrapped my legs around you,

Trapping you.

I needed to be filled.

Moaning your name and pleading,

You flipped me over.

Me straddling you,

Riding you.

You grabbed my hips, holding me

Pumping into me faster,


My head thrown back, screaming your name,

orgasm spilling over your cock,

your load exploding into me.

I had laid there on your chest,

Your hand caressing my back;

Our mixture dripping out of me,

On that warm summer day

 Down by the river.





I can bearly contain myself

Sooo I was scrolling through facebook when I saw this:



Uhm where the fuck can I get this.. seriously¬† right now. Its the most amazingly stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

Listen, laying on the couch or bed with a blanket is soo old school .. like the 90s or some shit.. but thiss, oh mannn brings napping to a whole new level.

And if this isnt real, it needs to be, I’ll help fund this!

I’ve always wanted to crawl inside a bear and rest for a little; I imagine it to be very warm and cozy with¬† a hint of rancidness.

Gotta go research for my new bestfriend.


P.s I am aware its a sleeping bag.