no, im not busy

Headphones in,

closed off to the world;


in my own mind,

thoughts circling a drain.


Forces its way between beats.

Look at the tree.

Carries on the Rhythm.


my voice overpowers

Ā the music.


The tree.



IĀ really doĀ fucking

love you, but stop

disturbing my music

With your shitty sight seeing.



Pen Pals 4 Ever

pen pals.jpg

I want one.

Okay maybe not just one,but I’veĀ  always been in love with that idea.

Obviously, I wouldn’tĀ  be quite comfortable going old school and givingĀ  my address out,yet;however, I’ve heard about this invention called the internet and email.

I’mĀ  a really good listener.

And I get bored and lonely (how sad),sometimes reading or music just doesnt help.


And I promise it wouldn’tĀ  get weird.

Correction , it may get a little weird šŸ˜®

P.s this is the shit that happens when the boyfriend decides to sleep.

I Can’t Trust People Who..

It’sĀ  not that I don’tĀ  trust people (okay a little) but its hard to trust people when they display certain characteristics.

Its a joke people; dont get too offended, not my fault you’re weird (I do love weird things though so hmm.)

The followings are examples of why I will be suspicious of you:

You Don’t Curse. What the fuck is wrong with you…”oh its so unlady like” “cursing is not a sign of intelligence””cursings unattractive” How about you let loose and mind you’reĀ  own goddamn business ( heres looking at you mom) if you do not curse I cannot be friends with you,only because its my second nature; It’s a part of who I am. If I’m not cursing at you that means I dont like you. My cursing is a sign of affection. It means I’m confortable enough to use “vulgar” words around you. So curse, you fucking bastards!

You Put Ketchup All Over Your Fries. What kind of a monster are you? How dare you saturate those delicious potato strips with ketchup! You must put an excessive glob on the side and dip the fries…duh. You’re just sogging them up and nobody likes soggy fries (well except you). It just irks me, I don’tĀ  know why, but when I see someone (especislly if they are with me) pour ketchup everywhere, it either makes me a)want to throw it in their face or b)delete number and never speakĀ  to them again. But of course I go with c)file them under my crazy category.

You Pour the Milk then the Cereal . Seriously? Seriously..? Okay first off, I actually have been guilty of this and the only,ONLY, way it is acceptable is if you are pouring your second,preferably third bowl of cereal. It allows you to not over indulge despite the previous bowls. However, if its your first bowl and you’re all like “milk first, don’tĀ  want too muchĀ  then cereal-solid plan” I’m questioning all your like decisions. Its cereal for fucks pour it first.

You Like the Movie More Than the Book. Do you even read bro? There’sĀ  nothing more worse than an unworthy reader. I get it, trust me, I enjoy watching the movies based on books but I will always love the books more. There’s no logical explanation of why the movie is better-its not. Its only giving visuals to the words you love.

You Cook Meat Till It’s Well Done. Four close people in my life has this problem:my brother, mother,step father and boyfriend, and lets just say I keep a close eye on them. Its its not bleeding or red (I’ll let you slide with pink)then there’s problems. I’mĀ  not going to go into how your palete is probably shit but I will say all the flavors gone! How can you do that?

You Don’t Like Music or Reading. Just go away I’llĀ  never be friends with you. What would we even talk about? What the hell do you enjoy then? I can understand reading but music? UnnaturalĀ  I say!

You Follow the Rules Always.Ā  How will you help me hide my boyfriends body or break into multiple banks if you won’t break the rules. I don’tĀ  do rules fully, and if you want to follow some, knock yourself out but you also must be willing to bend them. If not you’re boring and thats not fun. When I get bored I tend to do reckless things; so you see,it looks like either way , with my persuasive, those rules will break. You’re a goody and I’mĀ  the devil that rest on your shoulder.

There’s probably more that I just cant think of right meow. But for now that gets my point across.

Whats on your list?