All nighter

let’s laugh until

the sun comes up,

enjoying the morning

colors play across

the sky.



Didn’t think I Could Feel this Low

Apparently,  sometime through the night my brain decided that in the morning we would be emotionally unstable.

I woke up to the sound of my boyfriend moving around,which automatically put me in irritable zone, for no reason whatsoever.

Then he went to check something by my side of the bed.

“What the fuck are you doing” I screamed at him. 

“Jdjfhjrodn” thats all I heard come out of his mouth.

“Whatever, do what you want” as I flipped away from him.

“The fuck…” as he started to slam everything on his way out.

Andd then I started crying. WTF brain  can we get it together.  I honestly don’t  want to deal with you today.

You seem to be stalking me for the last 2 weeks,slowly circling, waiting.

And now you have arrived. I don’t want you.
I can’t  think straight when you’re here and you make me do things I don’t  want to.

Looks like a laying around curled up day.

Hope everyone else’s morning is better!