go into your head

to escape  the

horrors of reality;

judging my outbursts

and attention seeking,

wondering why I

talk too much or

never enough,

but never stop

to realize your comfort

is my worst enemy and

I can’t be alone

in my head.

– Jas Ā©


I missed you.

Fuck I’ve been gone forever.

Time flashed by as months passed and perhaps even years( I haven’t checked to see the stamp on my last post)

I got married in 2018, a short 5 minute court house wedding followed by dinner with some family. We are having a bigger wedding renewal in November , which im excited for and annoyed about. I dont know why i decided to plan a wedding all by myself while pregnant.

Oh yeah, that happend again. I had my 2nd baby in April, making the family numbers even. A little boy named Benjamin joined his crazy sweet and sour sister Grace.

Jesus. A wife and mother of two. How the hell did I end up here lol.

I have went from being blonde to pink to blue to green to blue again to red and back to blondeish(current)

I have decided to get into the marijiana game lol and grow some plants.

I have written zero words down but a million in my head.

My life outside of this blog has completely consumed every minute of every day, relentlessly. And i wouldn’t change a thing, okay maybe add in more writing.

Who knows where i go from here but all i know is about to have a picnic in my living room with my 2.5 yo.

Laters xo


longer than expected

wow, so its been a few weeks since ive last opened my wordpress.

since my absence, the boyfriend and daughter got sick again, my mother came to visit, i got sick twice(including being sick right now) i went into a depressive state and was super angry and agitated with everyone.

Im doing a little better now, theres just somethings i have to deal with, eventually.

i missed writing but ya know when life gets busy and in the way everything else just drops away.

i will slowly be starting up writing again, i was also able to find myself some free time when the little monster goes down for the night.

Dont let that smile fool you, shes crazy.


cutest smile, ever!

Nothing special has really happen in the last few week, besides finally getting fucking warm! so happy that winter is over and we can enjoy the nice weather. We were all beginning to go crazy from being in the house all the time. Whomp.

Well little one is being a pain and keeps going into dangerous places so ill be back later.

heres some pictures just because =p

later loves xo