lazy Sunday

morning bloggers! 

no posts from me today,  I’m being lazy  and refuse to open my computer.  I’m refusing from moving off the couch and getting dressed..for now. 

I’m comfy with a baby in my arms catching up with shows from the DVR, i dont need anything else.  Well except food which the baby daddy just went to go get. 

Last couple of days have been a fucking drag, baby monster decided she was going to be a fussy, no sleep meanie. She excels at fighting sleep. The only way she’ll take naps is in my arms which is cute and all but i also like to go to the bathroom or wash some dishes..get things done, but its hard when its only you and putting monster down results in screams from hell. 😐

Baby daddy doesnt work today so I plan on pushing monster duties on him. Does that make me a bad mother? I just need 5 minutes without her scratching me or attached to my body. I love her i do, but i also love my sanity. 

I know youre probably thinking but aren’t you holding her right now. Yes, yes i am, im trying to get her to nap so then I can become a ninja and place her in bed.(which has been very successful this weekend) If she doesn’t nap we will pack her up and take her for a car ride which 98% of the time puts her to sleep.

those are my awesome plans for today, exciting! 

hope everyone elses day is going well.



Boredom: The Silent Killer


thought this was pretty appropriate

I’m sooo bored. The boyfriend started his new schedule yesterday and it fuckings blows.

SOO much.

I have nothing to do. I don’t have a car nor a job, I do have a comfy couch and a TV. YAY.

I rearranged my categories on my site, deleting all of them except thoughts and writings only to realize ” hey, what happened to the quotes?” Which left me going through all my posts and fixing the categories( damn you bulk action!) , that was able to occupy my time for a couple of hours.

Eating by yourself is lonely, cooking for yourself is even worse lol. I’m so used to cooking for someone else that it just seems so weird to cook for myself. Yesterday I had cereal for dinner. Today steak and potatoes..sooo weird. I think ill put a plate out for Lex, not sure if that’s more weird or not.

Lately, besides the different array of poetry and quotes I’ve been coming up with, I’m stumped. I’m not sure what people what to read , let alone what I want to write. So I did what I do best- research, sort of.

I googled varies topic prompts and ideas for blogs and came up with a list of 69 things(a perfect number) that will most likely make an appearance sometime- so a heads up if more random things come popping up.

I vacuumed also.

I feel pretty accomplished she said sarcastically.

smoke weed and cuddle

Pretty much sums up my current feelings. Talked with the boyfriend for a little while he was at work, but it just ended up me helping him write his paper and listen to him complain.

Had to get off with him, was just making me irked.

Planning on eating, smoking and watching tv for the rest of the night, maybe write some. Compared to last night I’m not really tired so ill probably be awake to he comes home.

Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!




Lazy weekend

As I lay here smoking and listening to the boyfriend snore I realized for the who knows number weekend in a row I did absolutely nothing.

Actually I may have done some school work last weekend but still.

This semester is a bitch for me.

Technically, I “graduated” two years ago but due to financial situations and adding a minor,OH and taking off a semester I’m stuck in college till April.

Now back to the lazy weekend.


No cleaning, laundry,homework.

I did cook and managed to drag myself into the shower.WIN.

Other than that me, the couch and the meatbag (cat) had an awesome time binge watching Hemlock Grove.

I had ice cream  for dinner and breakfast sometime during the weekend. I advise,despite the delicousness, to NOT do that. It was sooo good, until my body demanded actual nutrients. Stupid body.

I neglected school work. I figured I’m failing 2 out of the 3 fucking classes im taking. So whats the point. I’m  retaking them next semester anyways.

Hope everyone else had a better weekend!


Just another Saturday

I can’t  say with a certainty that Saturdays are my favorite day of the week,seeing that all my days are the same, well most.

Monday-Sunday with the exception of Wednesday and sometimes Sundays.

However, Saturday  is the calm before the storm, the prepreration.

I get to chill out and think about all the work I have to get done before Sunday night (if i already haven’t  done it)

Im still a procrastinator,  the best. Its one thing I truly excel out.

So what are your plans for today?

It seems the weather is in my favor today, dark, cloudy,and rainy. I do live in the basement with no windows, well not ones that you can actually see out of, kinda of like looking through shower  glass, so its possible that the weather it better. Ha .

I think my main problem is that by the time I wake up, I dont want to do anything.  No motivation to do the same routine Ive been participating in for years.

I just want to lay in bed or the couch all day binge watching some Netflix or elbows deep in a new book.

We recently moved to a new place, ill tell you about it sometime, this new place is a blessing and a curse.

It keeps me busy on most of my days, cleaning, cleaning, and wait for it more cleaning.

Needless to say, my Saturday will consist of cleaning around the house, only after I watch/read.

I am thinking about NaNoWriMo , I know I’m  a few days behind but I think I can do it. I’ve  been wanting to do it along with excuses not to. No more right? Change is in affect.

Ah right, change, does that mean I can’t  lay around and should get work done today? The possibilities…

Hope everyone else has great Saturday!

– J. Rose

The Reoccurring Theme…I’m back, for now.

There seems to be a reoccurring theme I’ve been stuck in lately.

I seem to be on the internet one day and then gone for like a week or more the next. No contact, no post, just nothing. I don’t mean to do it, okay maybe some subconscious part of me, but consciously, I don’t even realize that days have gone by.

I keep telling myself that today I’ll open my computer, or even better use my phone, to post something of some nature, buuuuttt instead idk what happens.

Well for the last week, the boyfriend had a really bad abscess in his mouth that spread to his cheek; his whole left side of face was swollen beyond belief. I really couldn’t do much,ya know gotta be the nice girlfriend and take care of her sick bubs.

The week before that I was on mid winter break ( hallelujah ). SO me and the boyfriend decided to be the laziest people ever and do nothing but chill out. Oh right, his sister and two nieces came for a visit, plus his other sister and other nieces (plus a nephew) came over.

I like family just has much as the next person( okay maybe a little less) but when you’re on “vacation” you don’t want to deal with all that loud ruckus. lol

Anyways, back to school now , which I’m not really excited about.

I have to do a senior pro folio; my published work and non published work. Because you know its so easy for a college student to get their work published. Another problem is I’m going into advertising, there isn’t much article writing. I don’t have much that I can put together, so there’s one problem.

Another problem is an internship. YAY. I probably should have started looking for one, but with all work for my classes, I haven’t had a chance to even look. Worse part is I need it for the summer, and I don’t have a resume. Whomp Whomp.

On the bright side, 5 more weeks of classes and I can graduate !! Oh man, things are happening way to fast for my tastes and I just might freak.

I might be back later or I might not.I’m done making promises I can’t keep =)


Birthday 😎

Happy birthday to all those January babies out there especially the Jan 13 ones 😜

Yes, yes that includes me.

I turn 24 today which im not all that excited about.  I mean 2-4 ugh, where did the time go?

I remember like yesterday when I couldn’t wait for it to be my birthday, so much so that when I was little I would cry at someone elses birthday. Who does that. A bratty child 😌

Anyways I haven’t really done anything for my birthday since my 21st, so I dont expect to do much.

The boyfriend took me yesterday to see Lone Survivor and it was amazing. The things those Seals went through was astonishing and extremely sad at the same time to see life loss. ( Definitely recommend)

He also took off of work today so I have him this morning and afternoon, before his night classes.

We might see another movie or we might go out for lunch. I have no idea but I better take advantage since its my birthday . Lol

Birthdays  just aren’t the same anymore,  okay never mind maybe its the people you’re surrounded by.

I suppose everyday people have amazing birthdays, doing all the fun crazy things and eating all the cake. But me, after a certain year just kinda gave up. If facebook or my boyfriend didnt mention it I surely would have forgotten.

And if I did remember and was asked what I would want to do I would most likely sayyyy stay home and read lol I know its pretty lame but I did go to the movies ! I mean, FINE, if I must be social, ill sit at the back booth in the emptiest restaurant 😏

Well besides my birthday I’m pretty sure I woke up sick and dealing with the bfs ranting about unemployment -_- Just my luck lol

Hope everyone is having a fun day