wounded heart

there’s no coming

back from those

killer words, they tore

a hole through my heart.



Boredom: The Silent Killer


thought this was pretty appropriate

I’m sooo bored. The boyfriend started his new schedule yesterday and it fuckings blows.

SOO much.

I have nothing to do. I don’t have a car nor a job, I do have a comfy couch and a TV. YAY.

I rearranged my categories on my site, deleting all of them except thoughts and writings only to realize ” hey, what happened to the quotes?” Which left me going through all my posts and fixing the categories( damn you bulk action!) , that was able to occupy my time for a couple of hours.

Eating by yourself is lonely, cooking for yourself is even worse lol. I’m so used to cooking for someone else that it just seems so weird to cook for myself. Yesterday I had cereal for dinner. Today steak and potatoes..sooo weird. I think ill put a plate out for Lex, not sure if that’s more weird or not.

Lately, besides the different array of poetry and quotes I’ve been coming up with, I’m stumped. I’m not sure what people what to read , let alone what I want to write. So I did what I do best- research, sort of.

I googled varies topic prompts and ideas for blogs and came up with a list of 69 things(a perfect number) that will most likely make an appearance sometime- so a heads up if more random things come popping up.

I vacuumed also.

I feel pretty accomplished she said sarcastically.

smoke weed and cuddle

Pretty much sums up my current feelings. Talked with the boyfriend for a little while he was at work, but it just ended up me helping him write his paper and listen to him complain.

Had to get off with him, was just making me irked.

Planning on eating, smoking and watching tv for the rest of the night, maybe write some. Compared to last night I’m not really tired so ill probably be awake to he comes home.

Hope everyone had a terrific Tuesday!