Internship,Why You So Complicated?

I’m a Journalism major and part of the requirement to graduate is you need to have an internship.

I’ve been a senior for the last 2 fucking years.

No job, ever- so no work experience.

I do have like 170 credits , so that counts for something right!?

The problem is this: I have no car and have to rely on the boyfriend to drive me( Fuck you michigan for your lack of transportation), meaning I have to stay in a decently close proximity to home or school.

We are poor. So I need an internship that pays.

Do you know how many there are in my area.

approximately 10. I know its an exaggeration,but when it NEEDS to pertain to fucking journalism, guess what- we dont get paid!

I did get a call back for two different places, but both are a little further than we both like and unpaid.

I leave for NY tomorrow until after the New Year, our phones are shut off (thanks lex for not paying) and im fucking stressed.

I’m really considering doing some bad shit for money but then that wont help my internship problem.

People( the families)keep telling me to find one online, okay old people you go online and find a legit place to intern out and if you do fuck, way better than I did and send it my way bitches.

Want to know the most fucked up part…

I dont even want to be in this fucking field anymore. I mean i knew it would happen like this. I’m good at it, dont get me wrong, especially advertising and public relations but I want to write, I always have. I do that here, and I love it,but when you contribute very little to the world and relationship you just kinda wanna crawl under a rock.

Ugh, today will consists of packing, cleaning, internship looking, hair pulling(not the good kind) and hopefully some writing.

Happy holidays my ass.

Kidding, Hope everyone is doing great!