your ghost still

haunts me late

at night when im

most vulnerable.



crazy meats

 love it when the

cat goes psycho;

playing with the ghosts

and destroying the house.


aren’t cats the weirdest sometimes?! and btw I call my cat meats lol .. as in little meats what are you doing.. or ohh you crazy meats .. lmao she loves it and she does have a real name that I just never call her (Sophie) i even named her that lol which gives me the right not to call her by her given name.. silly meats. which technically can be meets… but i like to think of her as food and ya know a furry meatball sometimes so yeah shes stuck with it or shit face which is my go to when we are fighting.


she was supposed to be on a diet but she plays the people in the house (not me) and they keep feeding her.