wow, so today i got the notification that i’ve officially hit 1,000 followers!Screenshot_20180122-083759

I never thought when i started this blog that i would have this many followers, especially since i like to disappear ever so often.

I can only hope to continue doing what im doing and gather more people along the way.

Thank you to everyone who has followed, you guys are the best!!








just a quick HELLO THERE!  to all new followers.

Welcome and thank you. 

I’m not the greatest blogger,so dont expect much. 

I have a little one i take care of and im actually a pretty shy person so if i dont comment at all or a lot dont take it personal.

I like posts that’s my thing (im a shithead).

I do appreciate the follows 🖤


New Blog!

I started another blog!

It doesnt contain poetry but  will consist of rants and thoughts on motherhood.

I don’t expect everyone to follow the new one and thats okay,  I’ll still be writing on here daily.

Just wanted to give my followers on here a chance to look at the other one and follow if they are interested.

It’s not 100% fleshed out. I’m not completely sure about it to be honest and is sort of a spur of the moment thing. So we will see how it goes.

Feel free to stop by and make suggestions or comments.

Inside Moms Head <<


September September September

well hello there bloggers!

its been a while, im not sure how long but its pretty much been forever. Last we heard i was going on vacation back home. Ive been back home for a few weeks now and while i did enjoy my time in NY, by time it was over i was looking forward to leaving haha. We were there for almost 3 weeks ( we extended our stay by a little) and i just wanted my king size bed and my own little sanctuary, oh and im quiet time( which i dont know why i would be able to get that)

i see that i have a shit ton of new followers! uhm thank you and how the fuck did that happen?! its pretty cool but a little sad since i havnt been the greatest blogger in the last few months.

currently im 6 months pregnant (woot woot) i cant wait for her to come so i can eat what i want again ha and of course to see her; im not all that selfish =) We set up her little section already (crib, bassinet, closet, etc.) There was no way i was going to help with any of that when im 8 months plus i get bored easily and it gave us something to do. We also finally decided on a first and middle name … Grace Penelope. Grace for my great grandmother( was such an awesome woman) and Penelope because uh i let Lex decide and he said it just came to him, whatever i like it. For now and probably when she comes we call her Lil G and she seems to love it. Lex actually came up with the nickname and i hated it at first but then i ended up calling her that and now thats all we call her haha.. poor lil G.

September usually means back to school but i had to come to the realization that I unfortunately cannot finish my degree until the summer time due to financial problems and wanting to take time off (winter) to be with the little one. Sooooo ill be sitting around,pacing , and looking for work online to pass some time.  It sucks but i gotta do what i gotta do. AND since ill have soooo much time that means i can come back to blogging and writing again( fingers crossed)

we will see what happens next and ill keep anyone interested posted haha

laters for now



uhm, thanks ..again

Screenshot_2016-02-15-23-03-34suck  it babe, I got 500(1) followers, bitch!

ah yes I received this last night.. honestly I’m not quite sure how this happened but whatevs I’m not gonna complain.

*Insert how long ive been blogging*

*insert some sentimental shit*

seriously, I don’t know how many more times I will be able to say how truly awesome every single one of you fuckers are.. uhmm an unlimited supply of icecream dusted with a light coating of marijuana type awesome=D

love ya guys





a nonaward award post.

     okay I dont even know where to start. I wasn’t originally going to do anything about the awards then I was and I had even started a post then I realized I was just not feeling it, it happens(no offense to anyone!). It has been a little over 2 weeks since the first award came in and ive decided to go against all the rules and everything and make this as short as possible.

     I’m not good with compliments, I tend to get stiff and slowly back away. So the fact that people acknowledged me and thought I should get these was something of a surprise. Pretty sure that’s why I pushed it off for so long, but then my conscience was eating at me and called me a bitch for not participating, so here I am. Oh first and last time btw, sorry people unless there’s a rad award like “baddest bitch” ill opt out.

So the following people have nominated me for: The Blogger Recognition Award, One Lovely Blog Award, and A(?) Sunshine Award.

The Weaver,(BR)

Dialogue from the Depths,(BR)

Seeing the whisper(BR)

Mysterious Mind Of Mine.(LB)

Gentle Kindness(SA)

The Poor Uni Student(LB)

everyone single one of them I think is decently awesome 😉

kidding you guys rock, definitely go check out their blogs

if you have not.


Wait finishing reading first.

I know there are requirements and “rules” that

go along with these things, but I think you know

me well about now to know fuck the rules.

Here are some people that I think are worthy enough(everyone is seriously and I’m not giving out awards here but just trying to help out some fellow bloggers, those who deserve more followers.)

My Virtual Wife ❤ Spilledink..



A Standard Issued Life


The Bull and The Lotus

Lola Frofro

Tiffany being free


Mils’ Life/Work Lab



Breaking the Silence

okays thats to name a few, if you feel like I missed (sorryyy)

you or want to get a shoutout comment below.

AND finally because I guess people don’t really know me

here are some facts about little ole me.

1.   I’m starting my own library, okay im really not but I like to think one day I will. I have a small collection of 550 books and around 580 comics and still growing

2. I’m a Bronx girl, that can let it out in a second.

3. I am into men and women- yes I have a boyfriend, yes he knows. Its not like I’m banging everyone I see-just thinking about it =)

4. I’m really straight forward, don’t beat around the bush with me because I will stop talking to you, immediately.

5.  I cant stand small talk. Talk to me about something interesting or nothing at all (sorry babe)

6. I can be the ultimate bitch one minute and your best friend the next.. its kinda scary.

7. Since people (wont point fingers) cant figure it out I am a female! Haha if I had a dollar for every time I was mistaken for a man on the internet I would be filthy rich. Its obviously the way I talk but I’m not quite sure why it happens so often.

8. I don’t like chocolate, I’ve have been known to take a bite and automatically regret it chucking it across the room. Disgusting.

9. I also hate coffee and I don’t drink soda or liquor (my body hates me) only water.

10.   I believe hamburgers and steak should be bloody, those who don’t are wrong.

11. Some of my favorite movies are Pulp Fiction, Watchmen, The Devils Rejects and

The Dark Knight. I can seriously watch those movies a million times.

12. I hate  pictures of myself.. ” can you stop making a face and just smile already”

13. I obviously love the color black and metal music

14. I have a love hate relationship with cats,

I love them but then hate them because my eyes are itchy(damn you allergies)

15. my brain actually only functions 5 hours throughout the day,

the rest of the time its in hibernation.

Well I think that’s good enough for now.

I also think this is the longest post(puke)

off to go see my hubby Wade ❤


P.S omg how could I forget to say thank you to all the new followers!!

Well thank you soo much; Fine

thank you old followers too =) love ya fckers

you like me

somewhere on google lol


Happy Aniversary!

Wait what are we celebrating?

Well not the return to WordPress( which would be 2 months) but my 1 month anniversary of writing!

Yes, I’ve only been writing for a month. And is has been absofuckinglutely amazing. I don’t think I’m good, if I’m going to be candid I hate everything, but only because I’m so new at it.

I wasn’t one of those people who wrote all the time when they were younger. I was in my head most of the time making up movie or book scenes- never having the strength or balls to write it down. I mean yearsss in my fucking head.

I did; however, have a love of words, books helped me grow, fiction was my future. Blah Blah Blah, forward somewhat years. I have this character in my head, she’s been with me for a while and I need to get her out. So I set out to start writing her story and what happens? Well lets say we didn’t get very far. She didn’t wanna speak, I didn’t want to write, but I still had things to say and thus forth came my blog.

It wasn’t into a couple of weeks of blogging( someone can correct me on this) that I actually started writing. Trust me when I say that was a complete fucking surprise.

I didn’t plan on sticking with it, but sometimes shit happens and you’re taken for a ride. A ride with 275 other people.  People who encourage you(some with knowledge) to become better.

I mean I can only become better right? ugh I’ll share that thought another day.

Thank you fellow bloggers!

Have a great day =)