I’ve been gone for a while it seems, oops. 

I was and still am dealing with a crazy, cranky teething baby- come on teeth pop out already. She has been teething for the last three months! Can you say drooly McDrool. Well the last couple of says have shown some promise and I’m prettt sure her first tooth will come out this weekend.

She has also turned 6 months old today. HOLY SHIT. why does it go so first. Alex joked she’ll be off to college in no time. Whyyy is he so mean lol. The good thing,we can finally begin BLW (baby led weaning) which is essentially giving baby the foods you eat no purees. 

So for the last week or so I’ve been emerged in research and recipe collecting. We kinda started last night with some strawberries, a banana, cantaloupe and a piece of french toast. She loved it all and ate everything we gave her.

Another thing i was busy with during my absence was looking for a new car. We had a 300 (lease) but with no space and going over miles we needed a new vehicle.  One that would be good family wise and one that can be a good vacation car to get us to NY in Aug. 

Drum roll….

I talked the boyfriend into getting a minivan! We got the new Pacifica and its absolutely awesome. I can’t wait to go traveling with that badboy. 

I’ll try not to disappear again.

Hope all is well with everyone and I will try to catch up with posts. 



in the face of danger…


kidding. I think.

I was holding the little monster sitting on the couch minding my own business when the baby daddy yells “OH MY GOD!!” while reaching for me. Out the corner of my eye I see a spider and i threw/let go of the baby. I also caught her within seconds realizing what I had done.  

She just looked at me with this WTF face. Oops, my bad i really didn’t mean to do it but i freak out when there are spiders around. 

I felt so bad but it is totally Alex’s fault for yelling like that. Do not yell at me if there is a spider just kill the fucking thing or i will flip. 

Mother of the year award definitely  goes to me. 

Alex jokes that if anything dangerous were to really happen or some kind of trouble I would be the woman already running head of them. 

I dont think he is wrong 😊

sigh, gotta keep a look out for those little beasts 🕷


Finally Over

My mini vacation is finally over. I guess you cant call it a vacation when you didn’t even go anywhere.  Alex’s family had come and while it was nice to see people it was a little too loud for me and Grace. She was good most times and really cranky other times. Her bed time has been all fucked up too. I’m glad to be getting back into our normal schedule.

Easter was pretty good for us. Here are some of my favorite photos from that day.

Little one is teething hence the fingers in her mouth, she also found her dress to be delicious.

Hope nothing too crazy has happened  while I was gone. =)


Family Time.

I have been gone lately sorry, we have family here from NY and with a new baby everyone wants a piece of her. 

I have little time to write or even read anything on WordPress. They are leaving in a couple of days so I will be back then. 

Hope everyone is doing well, having a great Easter weekend.

We will be celebrating Easter, Alex graduating from college and my little monster turning 4 months. 

later xo


New Year

Happy New Year!

Update time.

On December 16 i had my little munchkin, right before the midnight hour. I had to be induced the day before and then i had to have an emergency c section but it was all worth it. Shes the cutiest thing ive ever seen (and im not just saying that since shes my kid)

Hospital picture..already mean muggin it.

The hospital was fun…not. By time the weekend ended i was soo ready to go home. I had enough of nurses (albeit nice) coming in checking on me, i had enough of the shitty hospital food, and enough of those hospital walls. I did have an awesome room but id rather be in my own bed.

That monday i was discharged,yay! Rven though the midwife asked me if i wanted to stay an extra day.. pffh 4 days was good enough for me.. i wanted to get the fuck out of there, especially since my family was coming in three days.

My mom and stepdad came for christmas and spent a week with us. I love them but having them here along with the mother in law and a newborn had been emotionally draining. I definitely had an attitude more than i would have liked (and still have )but shit happens, i just had a baby. Having both grandmas in the house was lets say another experience. One that i dont care to repeat anytime soon or ever again haha.

Christmas was good, different since im used to going back home but was still nice. Had a little dinner his mom cooked; the sister in law (one that lives here) ended up coming over later in the night with her family. I cooked the Christmas Day dinner because why the fuck not 🙄.

The day my family left was the same day the sister in law and niece flew in from New York. They will be here for a couple more days. I dont mind them so much only because i actually get time for me and the little one without being bothered to go upstairs and stay with the family.

Squishhh faceee

Even as i right this, im in bed with the little one laid out across me sleeping (my arm is going numb but shes too cute too move) I still cant believe im a mom, crazy shit. I cant wait to we actually have time to ourselves and i dont have to share her (im greedy)

Last night we just stayed home with his mom, sisters and nieces (yes he was outnumbered in a house full of women) i was ready for bed by 9 but had to stay awake until the ball dropped..longest 3 hours EVER.

Good news(i think): baby sleeps through most of the night so im not sleep deprived but im also worried since uhm baby sleeps through the night lol. I cant tell if its normal or not but she eats well and seems happy so im not complaining.

Well my arm is officially numb and im starving so we will wish you a Happy New Year filled with lots of happiness, good things and blah blahs

Laters 💚


A Younger Siblings Revenge.

My brother is 13 years older than me and even though he was semi nice , he can be a little douchey. Its obviously  gotten better since I moved out and became an adult but I’ll  never forget the younger years.

The boyfriend has gotten sick and needed salt water. While filling up the bottle I remarked that he was putting way to much salt and he wouldn’t  even be able to use it.

Turns out I was right. (Again)

Way too much salt, he barely gargled with it then didnt want it anymore. By this time, we’re sitting in my brother room(one of the only spots you could smoke in)he has bottles laying around so I decided to put the water bottle overdosed with salt on his table. Right up top, in a spot must likely to draw attention.

At this point, I was just doing it in hopes he’ll drink it but thinking no one would ever drink a quarter of a water bottle just laying around. ( I don’t, it turns into the cats water)

So I left it there and left. He was working so I had forgotten all about it until later that night when he came in,looking sick and asked      “what the fuck was in that water bottle?!”

The boyfriend and I just looked at each other and then fell over dying of laughter

“OMG you drank it!!! Hahaha, he actually drank it!” Tears rolling down my eyes.

My brothers face:priceless

” you bitch,why the fuck is there salt  in it?”

“Alex needed it and put wayyyy to much salt so I wanted to see you drink it, hahaha”

Instant grill.

” I can’t  believe you.” As he left all disgusted.

I still cant believe he drank it, toooooo hilarious. Yes, I may be a little fucked up and evil but it was totally worth it.

Got em.


Dual Celebrations this Season!

All hail Krampus!


For years I’ve celebrated christmas because Idk my mother told me to, now its just a time of season where I get to go home.

I’m not religious (shh dont tell mine or lex’s families), and I dont care what people celebrate,as should be,so I’ve  decided to embrace  my inner darkness.

Celebrating those naughty people and kidnapping a few along the way.

Of course, by the way, I am going to be celebrating christmas,which I don’t know what that says about me-does it still count if I dont go to church,ever? Is it blasphemy?  I mean I do live a life of sin. Ah dilemmas of growing up in a Catholic household.

I leave for back home in less than two weeks. I’m  not ready.  If someone wants a stranger for christmas, let me know I’ll skip out on my house  and the thousands of questions I dont want to answer. I’m  already practicing my smiling face and getting my lies in order.

You’re  supposed to feel good when you go home, not feel shitty with your disappointing answers. My family really is nice,but they have this standard of me that I can’t live up to and I can already here them “oh,jas” ugh worse two words everrr.

In the bright side, Lex got a new car (2016 chrysler 300) and we get to pick it up monday. On the downside, I have to hear “I got a caaarrr, I got a carr. I’m  a man again.” Until monday.

Weekend hurry up and be over.

Interracial Relationships Suck…


And only when the family in question does not fully respect you because of your different background.

I am not speaking for everyone who is in an interracial relationship nor am I saying anything negative , per say, about being in one. I am; however, talking about my personal experience of being in one and why sometimes, not because of my boyfriend(entirely), it can suck.

I’ve been in this relationship for a decade; I love my partner, but sometimes his family, views and culture get in the way and makes thing extremely complicated.  I’m not going to point fingers at a certain culture but I will say he is of European descent, while I am Hispanic.

Now, before I dig myself in a bigger hole, I want to state for the record, i would never, NEVER,judge someone for their beliefs, culture, or anything that makes them, them. With that being said, I do judge and mind when people try to push said beliefs onto me.

Lex(bf) and I may have grown up in the same area, but how we were raised is completely different. Unlike him, I am not family oriented, despite how hard they make me. I don’t even count myself as Hispanic, I’m America,plain and simple.  Lex may not be as family oriented as his family would like him to be but he is way more than me; He considers himself more American too, but his values are more centered than mine.

In his family male and female duties have a strict line, yes the woman is allowed to work but there are standards. You must clean, cook, entertain, etc. Uhm shouldn’t everyone? Why is the woman left to do that.

“Sweetheart, If you’re gonna marry into this family you better learn how to cook,clean and speak some of the language.” 

Oh the amount of times I’ve heard that come from his mothers mouth.

“Thats just what us women do.”

I don’t have the heart to tell her I’m stealing her son away and never coming back.  I’m not going to digress further about his mother, thats for another post. The point is because I’m of a different culture I’m inferior in her eyes. Shes the nicest woman you’ll meet, don’t get me wrong,but she does have a tendency to say mean things disguised as niceness. Not quite sure if those are compliments or jabs.

I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you, but honestly I’m not even a “woman”. (again not here, for another post)

I was mistaken for the maid once when answering the door for a relative or something. Seriously dude? How original. Stop watching movies. Not all Spanish people clean houses asshole. It was one of the most awkward and offending times of my life, and I don’t even let things bother me most of the time.

The most offending time- I believe someone died in his family and traditionally people come over and they mourn and sit and drink. I was told not to be seen so I wouldn’t offend people; I was pretty much hidden away. That was the moment I knew there would be clashes in the future, that no way would I ever allow that to happen to someone and that his culture and stupid traditions sucked balls.

His father didn’t even speak to me for …hm, 8 years and I lived with them and still do. Oh god he HATED me, fortunately it has been downgraded to disdain, kidding, dislike. We, kind of talk, its more him yelling at me to yell at his son to do something. Or him mumbling a hello while he shuffles by. No one likes him, not even his family, so I’m not so upset with him hating me because secretly I like him. I get him.

Would he ever stick up for me like I do him sometimes, definitely not, but I get where he is coming from. Hes old school, different way of living. That’s fine, even though hes shitty,I can’t change his mind, so I’ll kill him..with kindness.

They think that I’m going to become this ideal person, that is just going to conform and become a fucking stepford wife. It’s never, ever,ever going to happen. I’m all about equality, luckily Lex is on my page and doesn’t push me. Honestly, the only thing that is helping us, okay well one of two things is his older brother went against tradition; married, divorce and married again to two woman who aren’t of his nationality.

I say I’m going to make new traditions and my own culture, bitch.

I’m a rebel at heart who doesn’t like to be told how to act.

Even though I totally ranted and criticized his family and traditions I understand them, just doesn’t mean I have to like them.