Woke up this morning to all the awesome love (likes and comments) uhm you guys really do fucking rock and are hilarious.

I’m attempting to get my shit together for the thousandth time; fuck, ive said that so many times I feel its pretty meaningless. There’s no point in telling the boyfriend “ive heard that before” is pretty predictable and expected, we’ve been here so many fucking times. nonetheless, ill walk through  this seedy, dark town, exit through the dilapidated gates and linger on the outskirts.

I never go to far.

No matter how far I say I am, I’m only a few feet away.

Maybe things will be different this time (shit I really should start collecting money for repeat sayings and promises)

I’m gonna try my daamn hardest to make it different but only if hes worth it. I’m just tired of having to pretend im something im not to compensate his feelings and needs.

Ugh I wont go into a whole thing about us, perhaps some other time.

Thanks everyone, love ya guys.

hope your day(s) have been going well.

I will be here and there today but I will get to all the comments, eventually =)