Hey Schedule, What You Doing?

First off, a big hello and thank you to all my recent followers-seriously people? I mean, don’t go anywhere, but seriously?

Anyways, the semester is back upon me(shudder just to think about the coming weeks) and my posting my not be as much. Daily, yes but at certain times; as has been in the last week. Who knew scheduling your posts would be soooooo helpful; albeit a little troublesome( I keep forgetting what I post)

I’ll probably be posting 5-7 times instead of the 8 or whatever-lmao, now that I think about it that’s not much of a difference. I guess more of a heads up if my writing is shit or I’m not posting as frequently.

I want nothing more than to sit home and write- well technically I’ll still be home(yay for online classes) but I have to pass this semester in order to “graduate” in April. This blog isn’t a distraction, rather I am a distraction, always looking for anything else to get my mind off of doing what I should be doing.

I say all this now, present Jas, she’s pretty cool always down to get shit done but future Jas is a fucking bitch. She’s the leader of procrastination and mopping around. She knows how not to get things done and is pretty fucking great at it.

So well shall see how things turn out.

Wish me luck!



Is it Over Yet?

When will this semester end,  it has been nothinggg but a pulling of the teeth,headaches,nausea,depression,anxiety,anger,stress,and shit breaking.

4 more days. 4 long days.

All day Sunday I was busy watching videos on coding (real simple stuff) and it was okayy for the first hour,  which then turned into fucking four. I was done. Mentally, physically-sitting in a horrible position taking notes, not such a smart idea. By the time that was all over I didnt want to do shit. But seeing this is the only class I’m  passing might as well put some effort  into it.

Coding. Fuck coding.

I’m  kidding, if I had more time I probably would have enjoyed it more. But given a four hour deadline left me with little interest or desire.

I was coding. It was going well.

” omg, look babee I madee thatt and it does thisss!”

I felt like a fucking genius.

In my major and minor I’m  used to doing well, they invovle writing,the only thing my professors think im semi good at.

So when I’m taking a class outside  of my comfort zone and do good well its a special kind of feeling. Elation. I actually feel good about myself for a moment.

But all moments end and codes cant be solved. No matter how hard you try;goggling every phrase possible, rewatching videos, hitting the help button,some things are fucking assholes.

Forever,one little code wouldn’t work. Tried everything in the capable to make it work but nope. I was over it. Didnt care. Have an A in the class and a final exam still to take.  So I sent it in. Whatever points I get, doesnt weigh a lot,I get.

That was the first fuck you.

Woke up today sooo fucking down knowing that I had a paper due for a class I’m failing. I looked at it,started writing it and my I,K and comma buttons didnt work.


This was a problem but not that big of a deal, will eventually worked.

This time…no. I’m already pissy and not in the mood to do ANYTHING and now my computer  wants to mess with me.

Long story short. Fuck my life. Fuck that paper that wasnt turned in and fuck my computer.

I’m just really done with this semester.

I want to crawl under a rock and come back out in January  when  the new semester starts. (Yay).

Rant over.

P.s pretty sure a record for fucks given 😜

Lazy weekend

As I lay here smoking and listening to the boyfriend snore I realized for the who knows number weekend in a row I did absolutely nothing.

Actually I may have done some school work last weekend but still.

This semester is a bitch for me.

Technically, I “graduated” two years ago but due to financial situations and adding a minor,OH and taking off a semester I’m stuck in college till April.

Now back to the lazy weekend.


No cleaning, laundry,homework.

I did cook and managed to drag myself into the shower.WIN.

Other than that me, the couch and the meatbag (cat) had an awesome time binge watching Hemlock Grove.

I had ice cream  for dinner and breakfast sometime during the weekend. I advise,despite the delicousness, to NOT do that. It was sooo good, until my body demanded actual nutrients. Stupid body.

I neglected school work. I figured I’m failing 2 out of the 3 fucking classes im taking. So whats the point. I’m  retaking them next semester anyways.

Hope everyone else had a better weekend!


The Reoccurring Theme…I’m back, for now.

There seems to be a reoccurring theme I’ve been stuck in lately.

I seem to be on the internet one day and then gone for like a week or more the next. No contact, no post, just nothing. I don’t mean to do it, okay maybe some subconscious part of me, but consciously, I don’t even realize that days have gone by.

I keep telling myself that today I’ll open my computer, or even better use my phone, to post something of some nature, buuuuttt instead idk what happens.

Well for the last week, the boyfriend had a really bad abscess in his mouth that spread to his cheek; his whole left side of face was swollen beyond belief. I really couldn’t do much,ya know gotta be the nice girlfriend and take care of her sick bubs.

The week before that I was on mid winter break ( hallelujah ). SO me and the boyfriend decided to be the laziest people ever and do nothing but chill out. Oh right, his sister and two nieces came for a visit, plus his other sister and other nieces (plus a nephew) came over.

I like family just has much as the next person( okay maybe a little less) but when you’re on “vacation” you don’t want to deal with all that loud ruckus. lol

Anyways, back to school now , which I’m not really excited about.

I have to do a senior pro folio; my published work and non published work. Because you know its so easy for a college student to get their work published. Another problem is I’m going into advertising, there isn’t much article writing. I don’t have much that I can put together, so there’s one problem.

Another problem is an internship. YAY. I probably should have started looking for one, but with all work for my classes, I haven’t had a chance to even look. Worse part is I need it for the summer, and I don’t have a resume. Whomp Whomp.

On the bright side, 5 more weeks of classes and I can graduate !! Oh man, things are happening way to fast for my tastes and I just might freak.

I might be back later or I might not.I’m done making promises I can’t keep =)



Ahh the joys of college life.

The last couple of days have been non-stop school work and we’re only going on the 4th week.

I think some professors just love to see their students in a chaotic mess. I’m currently taking three classes this semester  and I can honestly say for the first time in the longest time this is going to be the most difficulty,time consuming, energy wasting semester.

If you don’t already know I am a Journalism major, looking at an English minor AND I’m suppose to be applying for graduation by Friday.

This whole school system and financial aid is all fucked up. Technically I can graduate in April, even without the right amount of credits, as long as I attend in the beginning of summer. OH easyy peasyy right? Nope. somehow this student on full financial aid has to come up with money to attend or else I can’t graduate. They like to think that the “little refund” and whatever is left over can go towards that; however, I highly doubt anybody has anything left ,especially 5 grand that it costs.

Now I’m stuck here trying to figure out if I can even take a minor. If I do I’ll have 3 classes left. But its all about money, money, money. I really want to minor in English but there is no way ill be able to come up with all that money for something I don’t actually need. I’m more worried about my actually degree and the 2 classes I have left for that.

Ugh. Decisions, decisions. I can’t ponder too long, since I only have to the end of the week.

Besides my graduation conundrum, I truly believe the online course I am taking will be the death of me. I ended up jumping into it last minute without fully looking at the details- which in a way turned out to be a big no-no.  I thought it would be a business writing course, a general knowledge of writing cover letters, resumes, idk fucking customer replies. Well it turns out its business writing for Public Relations and Advertising. I cant even be fucking mad since I’m a journalism major who wants to go into advertising ! I want to be mad, I do, since they didn’t clarify the course but nope it somehow pertains to me career path.

It always happens that way. I randomly choose classes and through them into a schedule and voila they happen to correlate with one another. I really don’t know how it always works out to my advantage but it does. So yes this fucking online class, that lied is a pain in the ass. I’m learning from it, don’t get me wrong  but holy hell for the last three weeks it has been constant work, whether writing in the forums or actually papers. The professor is seriously nuts; pretty much we have to submit something every day because you know its the only class anyone is taking and we have no lives.

She actually had the balls to send us an email saying that its been really crazy lately and she figures we need a break so shes giving us a few hours off . Ohh thank you master for permitting us some free time  -_- I don’t think I would mind as much if her webpage was organized appropriately and not a fucking mess. I get a headache trying to find what needs to be done on a page filled with nonsense.

I am also taking a linguistic class because..hmm I can =p  its quiiiteee interesting let me tell ya. So far so good but I can tell in the near future I’m going to have to start reading the textbook lol.

Enough of my ranting; I’m pretty sure this is my 100 post.

Yup 100- Man, oh man ! I cant believe I actually posted 100 things.  I honestly didn’t think that I would keep it up. But I did.

I got a new computer a couple of days ago ( happy dance) So I will be continue to posts quotes( I know I’ve been slacking) and will probably write more since I actually have a friggin keyboard. What a pain it is trying to write off a smartphone.

Well goodbye for now, I have a video game calling my name 😉