his cold heart

fractured into pieces

and melted away at her touch.



lights where are you?!

We lost power at 12 (noon) yesterday and still have nothing. We had a severe wind storm with up to 60 mph winds and it knocked down 4000 powerlines, leaving over 600000 people without power. 

We have been hoping that the power would come on any minute but nope, hours have gone by and nothing, not even a flicker!

Yesterday and today it wasnt so bad weather wise but we did wake up freezing this morning so we ran to the living room and sat by the fire.

Tomorrow its supposed to be colder in the twenties and low teens and i have to keep a baby warm. The fire is nice but it gets smokey sometimes and she does not like it. Plus the fire only keeps one part of the house warm.

I want to sleep in my own bed. I want to lay on my own couch. I want a fucking hot shower. 

They said 90% of people will get their power back on by sunday. Fucking Sunday! Theres no way I want to wait through the weekend, through cold weather for my power to come back on.

Looked into hotels and they are all booked up or really expensive. WTF. This has been the longest two days ever. I want it to be over already. 

Lets hope the power comes on tomorrow and we dont freeze.


free spirits

the cold autumn

air prickles our skin

as we expose our

breasts to the



sooooooo  I took a stroll down memory lane last night. Don’t ask me ask the brain.

Story behind this: Memory #1

theres four of us, my friend (L) myself, and these two dudes we use to know. we went to the local hospital( seriously was the hangout spot,dont ask) its sometime in the  fall  we just finished smoking and were cold. So we climb on to of those industry heater things and were getting nice and warm. So the guys of course are like lets play strip trivia.. why we ever agreed to this dont know( but just add it to the list of terrible decisions I made when younger). They knew what they were doing, asking us questions we wouldn’t know. Long douchey story short, we held some of our dignity and only ended up topless.

I’m Not Your Warming Station

Dear boyfriend,

You have cold issues, thats fine so do most people- hey, I dont even like the cold that much and you know that. YET, somehow in that handsome head of yours you think its okay to put your cold dead hands on my warm flesh or those frozen calmy feet against mine.


I love you I doo but fuck you for being selfish. Sooo selfish, just beacuse you’re  cold doesnt mean its ok for you to make me cold.

“But I’m  soo cold, I’m just trying to get warm.”

And I’m warm and want to stay that way,asshole.

You putting your cold,jesus why are you soo cold,body is only making mine cold which in return doesn’t warm you up!

How about doing what I do and cuddle with the blanket. Create a cacoon of warmth. My little bubble of heat  (that I always let you mess up)works.

Maybe I would be more willing to share with you if you didn’t freeeze me out when I’m least expecting it.

Oh idk, when I’m  nice and cozy sleeping you probably shouldn’t plop into bed and stick those icebergs on me and get upset when I push you away- You just disturbed the warm zone.

Or even today, I’m chilling, finally not cold, you comment on how warm I am then proceed to stick those fucking cold hands of yours under my shirt to get warm! Not once, or twice three, Three times!

You know my body runs a cool 97 and any disturbance sends everything crazy. Pretty sure you dropped it to 95 ( of course exaggeration )but still.


Thats all I want.

If not its war, and you know I don’t play fair.

Your Frozen Girlfriend

P.S you should have listened when I wanted that heated blanket.