my defender

you held me

for what seemed

like forever; carrying

my problems and taking

away my pain.




When does overreacting overlap caring?

There is an obvious difference  but cant one  lead to another.

I believe  if you truly care for someone you can sometimes overreact…but why can’t  we see it?

Yes, sometimes I am aware that I am overreacting, I’m human its one of the many things  in my nature, but how can I tell I crossed the boundry from the cute girlfriend to the annoying bitch.

I don’t want to be THAT woman.

I see the look in his eyes, that disdain, the distance being forged.

I’m  changing, why can’t he; I’m  trying to make things right again, I’ve  voiced my concerns, yet they seem to go unanswered. 

I pen this as he lay next to me sleeping blissfully,uncaring.

I tend be needy, a fault I’m  trying to fix. I don’t  know where it comes from or how i got to this point.

I just need my boyfriend back, my relationship.

The problem is this: despite living together we rarely communicate; he works and goes to school and I stay home.

When he is home I have about 60 minutes to get everything  I want to tell him and do in before he passes out.

The dreaded sleep.


See am i overreacting?

I reaallly don’t  want to judge someone from sleeping but but he just does it sooo much.

How can someone sleep so much? How can someone  drink coffee and then spread out on the couch 3 minutes later?

Now, don’t  get me wrong, i understand you work hard and are tired, once again i would NEVER judge someone  for that.

However, when I get treated like shit and made to feel like shit because I want you to get up and actually  go lay in a bed or perhaps when I get lied to my face about how really tired you are, then it becomes a problem.

I don’t  care that you’re  tired. Truly don’t I just hate  the 5 year old trantrum that comes with it.

Maybe I am overracting or maybe I care. I haven’t  quite  figured it out yet.

I’ll  think about it again next time.

– J. Rose