Your Kisses Are Like Home

I sit and wait

Holding my breathe till I can see you again.

I imagine your hands,worn out and rough

Slowly touching my thigh,hesitant at first.

My head tilts back as you send kisses up my neck

I’mĀ  drowning

Begging for more.

I open for you, like I always will-

Your kisses are like home.



Get Off of Me.

I remember being young,maybe 5 or 6; I was visiting cousins. One was my age,while the other was a few years older. Both females,so it was easier for us to get along.

There was this matress on the floor,a twin size one. I was some how talked into getting on the matress and have it folded in half on me,with them on top holding me in.

I crawled my little body onto the matress and waited. They folded it,then promptly sat on top,giggling.

I couldn’t  breathe, I was getting squashed. I started to panic, I needed to get out. I was screaming and crying and kicking trying to get free,while I felt the pressure the whole time.

What felt like 15 minutes in hell was finally over when my mother heard,came barging into the room,uncovered me and yelled at my cousins.

Fast forward 20 years and I won’t go in tight spaces. Even looking at them gives me the creeps. I tell lex if something bad were to happen and we needed to crawl/go through a tiny area,leave me. I’m  not going to make it,I’ll  just hyperventilate and kill us both. Save yourself Lex!

When Lex and I play wrestle and he gains the upper hand,playfully holding my hands down and knees by the head. FREAK.

I loose it.

Me: *calmly* “please get off of me”

Lex: “aww,whats the matter”

Me:”DUDE! You need to get off now” *starting to hyperventilate and freak*

Lex: “calm down,im not hurting you”

Me:*tears and panic* “GET THE FUCK OFF, NOW!”

Then I proceed to buckle under him and push him off; pull my knees up to my chest and grill the shit out of him. He likes doing it on purpose  “you just get soo upset”. How about not being a douche. Douche.

I’m  sorry that I just like breathing. And may or may not freak when being overwhelmed,or stuck in a tight spot. I can’t  help it,you think I wanna,huh? I’m  good on elevators,as long as I’m  in the corner and we’re not going that high up. (Think thats just my fear of having the elevator plummet  to its death )

Just dont ask me to crawl under the house.