uhm, thanks ..again

Screenshot_2016-02-15-23-03-34suck  it babe, I got 500(1) followers, bitch!

ah yes I received this last night.. honestly I’m not quite sure how this happened but whatevs I’m not gonna complain.

*Insert how long ive been blogging*

*insert some sentimental shit*

seriously, I don’t know how many more times I will be able to say how truly awesome every single one of you fuckers are.. uhmm an unlimited supply of icecream dusted with a light coating of marijuana type awesome=D

love ya guys






Legends of Tomorrow-Trailer



I’m a huuuuuge Arrow and Flash fan, well anything DC really.

When I initially heard about this new project , it captured my interest but I  was still a little, teenie bit hesitant. Don’t get me wrong I have faith in the creators and writers and even the CW(c’mon have you seen the flash and arrow??)

But this, oh mann, soo sweet.

My inner geeky fangirl is coming out full force. Hawkgirl. Fucking Hawkgirl. The Atom. Ok, ok I wont name them all but still. This trailer hyped me up so much.

I cant wait to see all the different personalities on the screen, the action, and muthafuckin Vandal Savage.



Motto of the Day


“Be Excellent to Each Other”

Bill and Ted know whats up.

Loved this movie when I was younger and thanks to lootcrate they had a awesome crate dedicated to time travel ;this beauty was apart of it.

There is so much hate amongst us, need to take a step back and breathe.

We obviously can’t  fix the worlds problem in a day, but we can start with each other!


I can bearly contain myself

Sooo I was scrolling through facebook when I saw this:



Uhm where the fuck can I get this.. seriously  right now. Its the most amazingly stupid thing I’ve ever seen.

Listen, laying on the couch or bed with a blanket is soo old school .. like the 90s or some shit.. but thiss, oh mannn brings napping to a whole new level.

And if this isnt real, it needs to be, I’ll help fund this!

I’ve always wanted to crawl inside a bear and rest for a little; I imagine it to be very warm and cozy with  a hint of rancidness.

Gotta go research for my new bestfriend.


P.s I am aware its a sleeping bag.