time flies when youre busy 

hello bloggers!
shit, its been forever. It seems like yesterday that I was in here informing people that I had my little monster.

how is everyone doing?!

I have been busy taking care of the devil. kidding she isnt that bad (until she gets hungry or tired then the fires of hell come out of her)

She is going to be three months soon. ugh, ¬†time stop going by so fast. She looks like her papa and has my attitude. can babies even have attitude? ¬†either way she does. She is getting so big it’s unbelievable but amazing cant wait till she starts working, I mean walking.

I have also been completely uninspired, except for this week I dont know what it was, boredom or something I saw but it got me writing again. I have a few things ill be posting- finally.
it’s easy to forgot how much I liked writing my nonsense when i have to take care of someone else. ¬†I had to find my groove, ¬†to get a handle on things before I could get back to what I enjoy doing.

now, ¬†do I have a routine? are things in my complete control? ¬†fuck no. Most days I’m running around trying to figure out what the fuck is going on, but things are getting better.

I was surprised when out of nowhere I was typing away words. Are they any good? ppfh who knows or cares.Was I even ever good? don’t really care, ¬†maybe I was okay and thats fine with me. Just liked writing and interacting with the people on here.

I’m not going to make promises of staying or say a schedule because I dont know what will happen or how things will work out. I will say I’ll be on as often as I can.


(sorry if the pictures are huge, ¬†I’m writing this off of my phone. ¬†when I ¬†get a chance to open my computer I’ll fix it)