Damn You Tiny Child Like Hands!

strong hand.jpg

My tiny child hands cannot keep up with the demands of adult life and have instead declared a path towards carpal tunnel or arthritis; direction has yet to be determined.

– J.Rose


Down by The River


The sun was shining that day;

Warmth air engulfed us.

You had taken me down to your favorite spot;

Down by the river.

Laying out beneath the blue sky;

You took me in your arms,

Promises of forever whispered from your lips,

As you slowly went down my body.

Between my spread legs,


Feeling the moisture on my panties.

You told me I was yours,

Ripping them in pieces.

Exposing my soaked folds.

Legs over your shoulders,

Forever was now.

Your head bent between my smooth thighs,



Gently circling my clit,

You worked one… two, fingers inside.


Adding a third.

You brought me to the edge before stopping.

Kneeling above me and smiling,

You freed your cock.

Wetness spilled from the tip,

As you rubbed it against my juices.

Mixing us.

Hands entwined above my head,

I arched my back, lifting towards you,

With one hard thrust, you were inside,

Filling me up.


Both moving together,

A slippery, hot mess.

Our moans fill the air,

As I clenched around you,

You going deeper, taking us to the brink.

Both panting and crazed,

I wrapped my legs around you,

Trapping you.

I needed to be filled.

Moaning your name and pleading,

You flipped me over.

Me straddling you,

Riding you.

You grabbed my hips, holding me

Pumping into me faster,


My head thrown back, screaming your name,

orgasm spilling over your cock,

your load exploding into me.

I had laid there on your chest,

Your hand caressing my back;

Our mixture dripping out of me,

On that warm summer day

 Down by the river.

                         – J.Rose©




Sex, Nut, Sleep, Repeat


Yes this post is exactly what the title says. Obviously not on my part, I dont know any woman who uses the term nut to refer to her orgasm.

Nope, shockingly(sarcastically )this is about the man of my life. This is a repeated issue, that I now find hilarious. I’ve  read that some men do get tired after sex (or want a sandwich) but to pass out EVERYTIME, thats amazing.

I like to say he “cums all the energy out” and that maybe we should have a sex schedule,where his passing out wouldnt be a problem.

I was able to drag him to the store real quick before coming home and turning around to this.


Cat stole my spot as soon as I moved.

I’m  the type of person that after the deed is done I’m  hyper as shit already planning the other rounds if possible and if not then trying to solve world hungry.

I want to do things and if anything IM the one who wants the sandwich.

I love the sex its just afterwards thats a little bit of a  disappointment.  Stop being lazy lover and lets just spend the day naked. 

C’mon I fuck you to sleep and what do I get..great sex,shit I can’t really complain.

Oh wait, lover you gave me a massive headache.. is that a thing.. fucked so hard you get a headache?

Ahh well worth it, vicodin is my friend.


I mean short.

Like I dont know 5ft tall.

I’ve been this height since I was 13,what the fuck puberty you’re supposed to help me grow not stop me in my tracks.

In 6th and 7th grade they use to line us up from shortest to tallest and I use to be in the back. It was awesome being “tall”. Then 8th grade rolls around and of course everyone over the summer had their growth spurt and I became first. What.the.fuck.

Total reverse.

Not even 3rd or 4th. First,ugh.

Unfortunately,something like this you have to live with,cant really change it; I did read once about someone wanting to be taller,so he/she surgically had an operation to do so,something about breaking the legs.

Yep, I’ll pass. Never broke a bone or had surgery so I’ll keep it that way.

You dont really think about being short in the sense of waking up in the morning like  “awe shit, still short” no doesnt happen like that. Its when doing daily routines or activities when your stupid height becomes a hindrance.

Problem #1 : being in a relationship with a tall guy. There are perks to being with someone tall but theres always some downsides. Lex is 6’5,a giant compared to me who has a habit of picking me up and spinning around really fast till I scream or he gets hit. I hate it and love it at the same time; love that hes all silly and fun but hate that im the source lol maybe find some other shorty to swing around. Its not good enought that I get to be the occasional armrest when necessary and squishy body pillow when cold. I hate going anywhere with him that involves walking long distance or short. My tiny  legs can’t keep up,seriously 3 steps to his 1. Why are you walking so wide and fast. Its like doing a marathon with him, well what I imagine it to be, out of breathe and sweaty. Gatorade me! And if we are walking at the same pace, our arms just dont work together when holding hands.

Problem #2: high up objects (obviously)
I’m 100% sure that Lex puts things on top of the fridge knowing I can’t get to it;I’ve  had enough of opening the fridge stepping inside and boosting myself up or climbing on the counters. I knew I should have taken up climbing, seeing as I do it every.single.day. the other day at the store he asked me to get him something and when I looked to see where he was pointing to I wanted to punch him. The top fucking shelf. Seriously because if you want a crazy  chick climbing shelves thats whats you’re  gonna get. He was smiling and laughing and I was slightly amused. I want to invest in a stepping stool but I dont want to be the person who has a fucking stepping stool.

Problem #3: Clothes
This is another obvious one. Is there a store just for short people? Custom specializations?I’m  so glad my style revolves around leggings ( Lex I know they are not pants!) And baggy shirts,embracing the mishaps.  The only store that actually works for me is H&M and even then things have to be rolled or shits a little baggy. The amount of pants ruined from being dragged on the floor( thanks mom for not buying me proper clothes.)
The worst is when going out somewhere nice and you go through 1000 outfits to find the one least baggy and long. Piles of clothes thrown on the cat.

Problem #4 You’re How Old?
“Lets see your ID”
*hands ID over while thinking “fucker I’m 25!”*
“Oh, okay you dont look it”
Lies. On a good day I look early 30s. Don’t  let my height  fool you into thinking I’m younger than what I am. Assholes. Always. If you think I’m  young and my bf is some tall looking adult what does that make us? What do you think he is? I mean, I have no problems making it realllllyy uncomfortable( all in fun)but really?

I is an adult,kinda.