5 responses to “Reconstruct

      • I am well, healthy on this side of Michigan.. hope you and the family stay safe. I also hope the shit isn’t pile too high to work through. Still hope have your comic book collection and other readings to remember your passions. I am glad you are writing. Hope you do more. It can be cathartic. Make it a habit and your mind will fall back into it. I’m trying to do that myself, being stagnant a bit lately in the quicksand of life. But slowly pulling out.

        • I was over your side a few times in the last few months. Actually really love it that way. Glad you are doing well! Meh ill tackle it little by little lol. I do still have my collections and was getting back into my passions in the last couple of weeks. Yeah been struggling a lot lately and figured this will help me get my head straight again.

          • I am glad you are pulling out of it a little… I will keep my eye on your writings. And bother you from time to time ..when you need a kick in the butt my friend.. ❤

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