first words

Im almost certain

my daughters first word

will be a curse, but

who the fuck knows

which one.



20 responses to “first words

  1. Haha, Oh I remember teaching Emma about bad words when she decided to say “damn it” when she dropped something one day. Oh the joys…

  2. My youngest daughter has a mouth worse than mine … believe it or not … and her daughters first word was ‘shit’ … we were relieved it wasn’t cunt 😉

    • lol noo wayy. aww that must have been adorable 😁 cunt would have been hilarious. i think mine will either be shit or fuck ☺

      • Lol, yes way 😉 Cunt would’ve been funny for Me … horrific for my daughter as she’s just started going to church … fool … lol
        And shit and fuck are not so bad I reckon 🙂 Let us know which it is when it happens 😉

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