Past Due.

Well my due date has past (Dec 9th) and still no sign of little one. i know its not extremely over due but I was hoping she would take after me (not her father) and arrive early. 

We have an ultrasound on Monday to see how things are going and an induction date of the 16th. 

Alex is telling me to evict her today (yeah ill get right on that) because we are supposed to be getting a snow storm tomorrow and we have a feeling she will decide to come then.

I mean I’m  all for people having home births or having their baby in the car but I’d  rather not be one of them. 

I keep telling alex she’ll come when when she comes, well before the 16th because then i will be evicting her haha. 

She seems, even though not born yet, to take after him wayy more than i like. I’m seriously  carrying around a little alex, im screwed .  Im not sure whats more difficult a little alex or a little jasmin. 

Did some walking yesterday, but since shes been pretty low forever she cant go any lower unless she just pops out.

So now we are just on the waiting game until this week. Lets hope we dont have to drivr to the hospital tomorrow, ill take tonight or monday.



27 responses to “Past Due.

  1. Omg.. All the best.. take good care of yourself. The wait reminds me of “Friends” where Rachel is expecting and crosses the due date. Keep cool. All will be fine šŸ™‚

        • Haha we are past due def not taking the chance of going to the movies and having my water embarrassing. She kicks me all the time whether im watching an action flick or house hunters. Lol, she still doesnt wanna come out.

          • I never told you but I got to wear one of those weighted pregnancy vests for awhile in a class we took for the baby coming…. it was friggin heavy…I feel for ya… I was lucky, I could take it off at the end of the class after only an hour… šŸ™‚

          • Haha thats awesome..wish i had one of them for alex. And lucky you were!! I wish i could take off my belly lmao. Well a few more days and she will be here whether she likes it or not.

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