8 days left. 

Holy shit, we are 8 days away from our due date and i cant wait! 

Good news is this is almost over and i get to meet my little chipmunk, bad news is we recently lost her grandfather (on monday) and the baby daddy is going to be out of town this weekend for his wake and funeral. 

So how do you keep a baby inside you?! (Kegels only work so much 😜)we both asked her nicely to stay put for a few more days so he can be here for her arrival but we will just have to wait and see. 

She really doesnt have that much space left in there but im hoping shes comfy enough to chill out until her due date and not be like me and have to be early. 

I know everyones pregnancy is different but this one seems to be one of the easiest ive seen. I didnt even have morning sickness. i like to joke with the boyfriend that if pregnancy is like this he better be prepared to have 5 kids. 

The only thing (okay couple of things)that has been a pain in the last couple of months are the swollen feet (the worst!!) and the fact that i have to see the midwife twice a week for NST (non stress test)-i do love hearing her little heartbeat though so its kinda worth it. 

Ive missed writing but getting ready for a baby and remodeling a bathroom has consumed all of my time…oh and the eating and naps haha. 

I promise ill get back to writing real soon! what kind of writing i have no idea but i will make a comeback 😊

Theres probably more i have to say but cant think of it right now, so i will leave it at this. 

Fingers crossed baby stays put this weekend!!



29 responses to “8 days left. 

  1. Dummmm da dum dump dummmmmm…! Ha..I see that big ol’ belly in your comment pic….awesome….you are not a wee lass anymore…

    Hoping for a easy delivery for you! bug hugs and congrats again …you will make a great mom….:)

  2. Hey Congrats Mom! Can’t wait to hear about little Jas!! She is gonna be so lucky to have you…Ok now hold my hands and breathe slowly…there you got it! Remember this…we are all holding your hands when the time comes, so you will be ok…A warm hug…as much as I can reach my arms around…lol!

  3. Oh no, that’s such sad news. A death near a birth is always a strange emotional thing. Thinking of you all constantly.

    Little missy has to stay put so she can be born on my birthday!!! Omg, I can’t believe she’ll be here soon. I’m definitely interested to see what your posts will be like one she’s here, though you’ll have even less time than before so..it might be a while yet before the writing grove comes to you. We’ll be here when it does!

    • It was really sad and it was a strange mixed emotional thing. Miss you!! As of right now if she isnt here by next week ill be induced on the 16th. I go to the doctors monday and there is a chance (since my amniotic fluid was a little low) that ill be asked to go to the hospital then. She is being stubborn however and doesnt wanna budge lol. Oh i cant wait to see what my sleep deprived brain comes up with 😊

      • The 16th is PERFECT!!!! Omg, if she’s born then, we’ll have to have cute little Skype birthday hellos and all sorts of fun stuff. It will be the greatest joint birthday EVER!

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