weird stage

I’m at the part

of this thing where I know

I’m pregnant but I don’t feel it;

so I poke my belly and ask

little spawn what its doing.


Alex: ” Stop poking the baby!”

Me: “What! it cant feel anything” *poke poke*

Alex: ” youre probably hitting it in the face!”

Me: ” ohh fuck off, its just a love tap!”

I swear I’m not poking the shit out of it and I’m like 89% sure its fine.. its chilling have a good time =) not my fault I have no symptoms of anything so I’m just chilling too haha


8 responses to “weird stage

  1. Don’t worry….one day he/she will poke you back…hard. Just be careful of action movies in a movie theatre at 7plus months….my kid kicked my wife while she was trying to eat her popcorn non stop.. 🙂

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