the last couple(few?) weeks

wow I really disappeared didn’t I? I didn’t realize how long I was gone for; my days seem to be just going away.

I am well and alive!

Lets see… oh recap time.

  • I’ve been gaining the appropriate weight ( well according to my app ha and the 2400 calories I’m eating a day ..or trying too ).
  • I’ve binged watched some TV shows and seen a shit ton of movies.
  • I went and finally got my eyes checked- no surprise they have gotten worse since the last time they were checked and got a cool pair of glasses that I’m waiting on.
  • I found out health insurance can be a real pain in the ovaries and their website can suck dick.
  • I also found out that I most likely have hyperthyroidism.
  • come to realize that I hate doctors and appointment
  • I discovered the deliciousness of Swiss Cheese ..who fucking knew.
  • making a baby registry is a real buzz kill and makes my head hurt
  • my jaw is beginning to hurt because uhm eating so much sucks lol
  • my attire consists of white tees, tank tops, leggings and my favorite pair of capris…shit, I really need to go shopping

There are probably more things but that’s pretty much my life for the last weeks …real exciting stuff guys.

oh wait.

the baby daddy wants to redo the bathroom I told him no and then got fed up with his shit so then I told him yes. so now he has 3 weeks to start this fucking project…he can only work on it on Wednesday, Thursdays and Sundays …needless to say he most likely wont get done before we leave for NY. Then when we get back he only has 2 weeks to complete it. AND he wants to redo the fucking floors because why the fuck not right.” but its for the baby” he says. Uhm the baby doesn’t even have a fucking area to sleep in! I’m going to let him have this project just so I can bitch about it and laugh  when it doesn’t get done and we have to hire someone else. (which ive been trying to get him to do.. how nice would it be to leave for NY and then come back to a new awesome bathroom?! apparently not as good as doing it yourself. FUCKING MEN)

okay now I’m done …for now.


p.s how the hell is everyone? if I read my blog correctly 700 followers?!?!


12 responses to “the last couple(few?) weeks

  1. I’m doing good and I’m glad your well and alive. I hope your bathroom turns out great even if you probably will have to get it done by a professional in the end. Good Luck!

    • Thats good to hear! Haha yes I am. Me2 we are in need of some major upgrades to the bathroom..only half of it being used lol thanks and fingers crossed! 😁

  2. Hey, don’t bad mouth us MEN! We mean well most of the time…its the cave men in us that needs to prove we are really cave men and can provide for our family…. we are just not Amish Cavemen who automatically know carpentry work….:)

    NY ! awesome going to see the family ? I assume… I was there for a heartbeat when driving through to get to another airport in Jersey on the way back home to MI…:)

    Still haven’t been really (one day perhaps)…. Hope you have fun and have a safe trip…We’ll be going to Tampa, FL in early August ourselves…:)

    Don’t forget to keep in mind to fill in us in on any weird stories from the big city….

    and GO Swiss Cheese!

    • I cant really hate on you men but I can rant about yous haha. Oh i totally get that hence why im allowing this project to take place, he wants to be all man and do this by himself..knock yourself out it just better be done right and awesome. Yup I cant fucking wait!! Seriously counting down the days I mean im not looking forward to the drive but im looking forward to seeing the family. Haha jersey sucks, NY is where it’s at 😋 get your ass to ny man! Ohhhh Florida i havnt been there in a few years enjoy it!! Haha big Apple
      …I’m from the Bronx dude lol I rarely venture out to the city ..perhaps this time I will..and seriously Swiss is amazing lol

  3. I take personal offense here since I work for an insurance company. Aww hell, who am I kidding. They suck the biggest dick there is.

    • Hahaha exactly they reallly doo..i had to call them 1000 times because their website is shit and the doctors they have on their list don’t even take my insurance wtf.. then the doctor they have for my primary one..hmm number disconnected..get your shit together!! Ugh really need to suck a dick lol

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