where are you weight?!

as long as

the little one

is growing I guess

I wont worry

about the slow

progress of weight



trying to get to a certain number is taking longer than expected.


20 responses to “where are you weight?!

    • Lmao unless you are rescuing pigs and a full advocate for the lives of the little piggies..you can kiss my ass lol I do however believe there should be a more humane way to kill them 😀😏

  1. I do not believe in the all or nothing attitude towards bettering situations in life… Anything and something in whatever way is better than nothing….not to get too serious but I am an advocate for all animals especially the human one….:)

    • Haha you already got way too serious..i was joking with my words. Or should I say I could care less what someone chooses ..not my business. .unless they try to push it on me then I’ll make my 2 cents known. As for advocating ..its not that I don’t like animals..i do ..would love to own a farm and have piggies and other animals on it..would I eat them no..of course not but that doesn’t mean I would give up eating meat either lol. Humans are okay.. (joking)

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