Liter of Cola

I want a liter of cola..okay preferably Pepsi but still im craving soda and its all Alex’s fault and his half of this spawn. I gave up drinking soda last year and for the last week or so it’s all I can think about ..I’ve even given in and taken sips of his drink and then feel really bad and wash it away with water ..but it just tastes soo fucking goood. I’m thinking about banning him from drinking it in front of me because spawn says Driinnnkkk iiitttt alll and noo soda bad!!*sigh* I know i can have some but just because I can doesn’t mean I should plus i did give it up and I’ll be damn if i go back to it..fully. His mother asked me if I was craving anything and I told her the only thing i want is soda and she wanted to give me a can!! I ran away and screamed noo. I dont have cravings and if i do im usually good at denying them but this i cant. I never wanted it before Alex’s spawn started taking over and i cant wait till these months are over and i dont have a desire to punch Alex in the face and steal his soda ☺



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