Pet peeve of the day

It’s completely disgusting when someone uses the bathroom i wont name names (his mother) and they don’t flush the fucking toilet!

You’re  a grown ass adult who has been using the bathroom for decades and yet (this isn’t the first time) You can’t just push down on this tiny little lever.

Drives meeee crazy!! How did you manage to potty train your kids when you yourself are half-assed at the job!

Get your shit together  ( not literally beause if it were shit that wasn’t being flushed i would have packed my things a long time ago)

Ahh end rant. Too early for this nonsense.

-Jas 😊


43 responses to “Pet peeve of the day

  1. “I wont name names (his mother)” cracked me up. Hopefully they also shut the door when they go and put the seat down…we all have weird family members with weird habits.

    • Hahah yess they doo thankfully(his dad is a different story) but her and her son also have the habit of not putting toilet paper on the roll .. they just leave it there.. you fuckers it takes 3 seconds put it bsck on the roll!!!

        • only cause this has happened 1000 times lol πŸ˜‘ the amount of times I tell and show Alex how easy it is to restock the roller.. thankfully he always flushes the toilet or i would have to treat him like a dog BAD! πŸ˜‚

          • Oh this is too funny. Better than swatting him on the nose every five seconds lol

          • Ooohh i like that idea too!!! I’m laughing and reading this outloud and let’s say he’s not amused which just made me sayy well bitch do the simple things and I won’t tall shit lol

          • Hahaha nooo i just like calling him a bitch sexist of you to think it’s a womanly thing!! He cals me a dick and a douche.. we believe in equality and that includes name calling lmao

          • hahaha I’ve made several sexist comments over the course of the morning. I’m not ashamed. Although, I’m all for equality in name calling. Douche Monkeys all around!

          • Bahahah fair enough!! You sexist bitch πŸ˜‹ and I wouldn’t be ashamed either… I’ve been known to hate on woman and be completely sexist lmao .. some people just belong in the kitchen πŸ˜†

          • Hahaha ohh yess sometimes it’s really bad and im like shit youre a woman relax lol .. andd yess right!!! Lol people can’t handle the truth

  2. I worked with a German who told me her favorite English word was “douche bag”. I almost fell down from laughing so hard.

      • I’m sure it isn’t truly funny but for the readers it is. Very rare do I read something warm and fuzzy from you lol

        • Hahah absolutely not funny in real life but I do try to bring something funny for my readers lol .. warm and fuzzy yuck and if there is something like thay on here know that I did it while pulling out my teeth lol orrr i hit my head and had no idea what I was writing 😊

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