hate this

I don’t know how

to tell you I don’t want to

be here anymore; I cant

live with your parents its

just making me depressed.


no offense to them but just cant doo it anymore  soo noisy , too many people come and goo and his mother will be on my shit FOREVER(I’m a loner and a private person  I don’t need to be babied which she will do and trys to already) and I will snap and not regret it. Just the thought of having to live here with a baby makes me wanna cry

I’m the worst pseudo daughter in the law .not my fault they can be really annoying and too family circle for me .. I’m a fucking adult my own mother didn’t even fucking baby me ..(partly because I’m a pain but still I respect her for that ) oh how I wish I could just goo home and see her. .. 2 months is too long.


10 responses to “hate this

  1. Sooooo, sober Jas is very transparent moody Jas. But hey! Now you can blame everything on pregnancy hormones! Get out of jail free card! Seriously though, move the hell out. She’s going to make your head implode.

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