writing sober

has been troubling;

I’m off and I fear

Ill never get back on.



19 responses to “sobriety

  1. Hang in there, if you’re newly sober then you’re changing from the inside out and your writing will also change.

          • You do seem to have more realistic views on things than most do. I just dropped that in because I’ve known a few folks who think everything bad in their life will be “fixed” by getting off the substance they’re addicted to. Then after they work so crazy-hard getting and staying clean they end up being very disappointed when it doesn’t fix everything.

          • Oh no i get that and i know people like that too. Everything cant be perfect (would drive me crazy anyways lol) but im pretty realistic when it comes to most things. I appreciate you comments always, so thank you. Sometime next week ill be writing a post about this. 😊

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