part of

whether  I want it

or not you’re going

to be in my life forever;

 there’s a part of us joined



Anyone else seeing Captain America today?!? well at the movies lol


38 responses to “part of

      • I knew I liked you 😛 Batman all the way. But I’ll give it to Marvel, they seem to know how to make movies.

        • Yessss fucking Batman!! ( i mean joker 😋) yess they can make movies.. i do however loooveee the DC animations which marvel cant seem to get right

          • You and me, we’d get along famously 🙂 Someone *cough*J*cough* does not understand the gloriousness of DC animation.

          • Haha yessss we would.. andd omggg they are sooooo amazing.. im counting down the days till the killing joke

          • You and me both! I may have freaked out a lil bit when I saw the teaser for it….who the hell am I kiddin, I freaked out a LOT.

    • Hey now. It’s not DC animation I have an issue with, exactly. It’s animation in general. It’s just…ugh, animated? I like real people faces.

  1. Unfortunately not until this weekend, but I cannot wait to see Mr. Evans again…he makes me hot.

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